Video: DeSantis Interviewed by John Stossel

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has finally made it official: He is seeking the Republican nomination for President.

As we await the machinations of the Twitter world, where he just announced, I thought it would be good to share this recent interview he gave one of our favorite media guys, John Stossel, who always asks many of the same questions that we might if given the opportunity.


This race is about to really take off. All of the smart money says that it’s going to be a real slugfest between DeSantis and Trump who are the main event in the GOP primary. We will see. It DOES pain me to watch the nasty between two people that are among my favorite Republicans- running or NOT. Hopefully they’ll keep it clean and give us a robust, positive campaign. But probably not…

The Bastion is well situated here in New Hampshire and pretty much has a front-row seat to our long standing First in the Nation Primary. The season has officially begun and the candidates are starting to line up. We plan on bringing as much information as comes our way to present to you, our readers. Keep in mind that as we share materials and reports, we are not anywhere close to endorsing a particular candidate over another. The Bastion Beavers are a diverse group, and we will most likely have our individual favorites that may not line up with one another. This will not prevent us from covering any candidate that comes our way.

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