Blasek: Critical Bills Reach the House Floor

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Guest post by Melissa Blasek

The House will meet on May 18th to vote on the bills below. We are looking for volunteers to hand out fliers with our recommendations to the Reps as they enter for session on the morning on the 18th. Please respond if you are interested.

House Education
SB272, establishing a parents’ bill of rights in education. SUPPORT OTP. OPPOSE All Floor Amendments. OPPOSE OTPA if any floor amendment passes.
There is at least one floor amendment proposed that will render this bill completely meaningless. Tell your representatives to oppose this amendment and pass the bill as sent over from the Senate. If a floor amendment passes, tell them to oppose the bill. We do not want them to pass a useless bill and taking credit for a bill that does nothing.

House Health and Human Services and Elderly Affairs
SB263, extending the New Hampshire granite advantage health care program and reestablishing the commission to evaluate the effectiveness and future of the New Hampshire granite advantage health care program.
This bill would make expanded Medicaid (ie Obamacare) permanent in NH. It comes to the floor without a recommendation. The first motion is Ought to Pass (OTP), and we are asking the representatives oppose this and support a motion of Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL). There will be numerous floor amendments offered to correct the problems in the bill.

Pulled off of the Consent Calendar
SB58, relative to arrests without a warrant while in the care of a medical professional on the premises of a residential care or health care facility.
This bill needs to die. This bill lowers the threshold needed for warrantless arrest in medical facilities. As amended by the House, this bill is so vague that a person could be arrested for simply not consenting to medical treatment. This will lead to medical kidnappings and other potential abuses of power.

Please email your reps with these voting recommendations.
Find your reps here.

Foster Family Bill Success!

HB408, relative to foster children and vaccinations, has been voted ought to pass with amendment as we wished and placed on the consent calendar in the senate. This likely means the bill is headed to the Governor’s desk very soon. Thanks to all of you who reached out and urged the legislators to pass this important piece of legislation.

Towards Liberty,
Melissa Blasek
Executive Director, RebuildNH

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