Lone wolf? How about a PACK

Michael Yon is an independent journalist supported by reader donations (of which I am one). He has been providing frontline, groundbreaking coverage of the mass invasion of our southern border which has been funneling through the Darien Gap in Panama. He has been there on the ground for the past several months.

He appeared on the Pete Santilli Show and put out some rather frightening information- most of which you have probably not heard about- ESPECIALLY if you mostly follow the “mainstream” news outlets. What you most likely HAVE heard is that there is some immigration law due to expire and that we might see a flood of illegals about to swarm the border. You also heard that Biden is sending some 1500 military forces to “assist” at the border.

Here is what you have NOT heard:


And what of the recent spate of violence in Texas? Coincidence? This country is a hot mess. Things are not well. Stay vigilant…

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