Trump Rally Manchester NH

Article and photos by Ronnie Abbott

This past Thursday, President Donald Trump visited the Granite State as he continues his campaign for the Republican nomination in his bid to return to the White House.

He addressed the large crowd consisting of enthusiastic supporters mixed with undecideds that represent the hallmark of New Hampshire First In The Nation Primary participants.

Also in the crowd were some of the NH leaders and lawmakers that have indicated support for the former president’s nomination in the current cycle- ( this list includesBelknap County Representatives Harry Bean, Thomas Ploszaj, Lisa Smart, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, David Nagel, Paul Terry, and Nikki McCarter.)

Mostly staying away from attacking his potential primary opponents, he rather spoke on his record of successes while president and about what he will do if elected. From day one, his plans will include:

Ending the war in Ukraine

Banning biological men from women sports.

Rolling back many of the bad Biden policies

And, of course, tax cuts.

Watch his remarks:

We expect Trump to continue to visit us here in New Hampshire as he seeks to firm up and expand on his current large lead in polling in our First In The Nation Primary.

You can watch video of his appearance earlier this year when he addressed Republicans at their annual meeting by clicking HERE.

The Bastion is well situated here in New Hampshire and pretty much has a front-row seat to our long standing First in the Nation Primary. The season has officially begun and the candidates are starting to line up. We plan on bringing as much information as comes our way to present to you, our readers. Keep in mind that as we share materials and reports, we are not anywhere close to endorsing a particular candidate over another. The Bastion Beavers are a diverse group, and we will most likely have our individual favorites that may not line up with one another. This will not prevent us from covering any candidate that comes our way.

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