MUST See — Advertisement for Chinese Invasion of America

For nearly four years, I have avoided contact with most major “news” outlets, opting instead to follow individual journalists and smaller organizations. I have been subscribing (“sponsoring”) Michael Yon for quite some time after discovering his work during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

He has been covering the ongoing INVASION of the US via South America with some of the most detailed reporting one can find. Mr. Yon has been directly on the ground and encamped in the region, especially the Darien Gap, off and on for several years. Recently, his focus has been on the large groups of “military aged” Chinese men that have been streaming through the area, headed north to America.

You can subscribe to him on his LOCALS page here. He also posts things on Twitter. His latest post is rather chilling:

One must ask exactly WHAT is going on? Why aren’t these people that have seemingly “escaped” Red China in any sort of trouble as defectors? We all know that the CCP are the masters of facial recognition technology.

Of course, I can tell you what I THINK is going on: The TET Offensive meets Red Dawn…


Different country. Commies just the same…

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