Unvarnished Truth: What Chicago Teaches Us

Guest Post by Tom Kawczynski

Many of you will have already seen the utter lawlessness that recently exploded in a frenzy in Chicago. This is by no means an isolated event, but rather only the most recent flare in that city–as in an increasing number of others–of unchecked rioting and violence in the streets.  This problem is not going away, rather, it is only getting worse. It serves as example of the problem of a civilization in irreversible decay.  An honest analysis which many people make, including Walmart and other companies now abandoning such locations for being too unprofitable due to blatant theft and absent police response– but will rarely say– lays out the key factors.  We’ll do so here.

1)      Crime is rampant and the police are unwilling and/or unable to intervene due to media encouraged political interference.

2)      The criminal actors rely upon their black racial identity as blanket protection against prosecution by the ideologically allied state, all bolstered by an ethos which claims they can only be victims.

3)      The state refuses to act against its own allies, rendering any pretext that equal justice under law or property protection exists, thus causing mass emigration and resultant urban blight, itself fueling a fire of self-destructive cycling violence.

You are NOT a racist to understand when the state essentially says, “Black people can do no wrong.  They shall not be prosecuted or held to any standard,” that this is an invitation to criminal behavior.  If one is willing to be more fully honest, using Zimbabwe, Liberia, South Africa, or Haiti as just a few of the examples, when countries administered under what they term European colonial rule have been handed over for self-rule, it has been inevitable that a decline in standards of living, decline in infrastructure, loss of wealth, and rise of violence has happened in every such scenario.  For those interested, look at r/K selection and geographic bands as one potential explanation to inherent factors shaping personality.

The point here is if you have a government like Chicago has become, which does not enforce the law, makes no pretense to meritocracy, and abandons the idea of cultural integration in favor of the multicultural orthodoxy killing the West, then this is the outcome you must get. 

There is a conversation to be had about how you can integrate people of disparate groups, when you have a supermajority of one and include another. This, in many ways, succeeded in the American South, thanks to the shared experience of the Christian faith and cultural norms rigorously upheld. But, whether you believe that is possible, desirable, or complete bunk, is irrelevant for the actual scenario at hand.  Blacks in America, like other minorities, are encouraged to riot at will through the inaction of the state to enforce its own laws, in support of their own identist ideologies used to attack more serious threats to actual actors who, if organized, could threaten this global project to reduce civilization. As there is no effort to integrate them, we should expect this neo-Maoist philosophy with struggle sessions, guilt, and repressive tolerance exercised exclusively against whites– either directly, or as surrogates for unwanted classes like Christians and heterosexuals, to expand.

In daily practice, the American response is internal emigration and containment strategies.  Moving to the suburbs and calling it a move for schools is a natural response to both rising violence and the social stigma whereby it is impossible to remain employed and state the obvious.  Moving to areas which are more politically stout or more ethnically homogeneous are further examples of the same phenomenon. As we watch more of the country become utterly dysfunctional, and the borders thrown open for the overrun of not just America, but Canada, and to most of Europe, one cannot help but conclude those who spoke of the Kalergi Plan for deliberate displacement were correct.  When the elites work in concert with the lower class to essentially destroy middle class mobility, a pattern as true for which businesses were protected or prioritized during Covid, as much as it was during the Floyd riots or the various Antifa sponsored autonomous zones of which Seattle and Portland were most famous, safety becomes a challenge. Wealth is destroyed as it is used for preservation rather than building.  We see not just an economic, but a racial Cloward-Piven strategy employed most obviously in Chicago, whereby the welfare/warfare state has been made so big, but in providing such select services discriminately, that essentially the society is being forced to fail.

This is no accident.  The biggest funding for the worst ideas, hiding as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), Environmental Social Governance (ESG), or any of the various woke ideologies is coming from the richest actors. They are deliberately saddling the majority of their controlled societies, leveraging their wealth from the era of scarcity which I suspect will soon end with the promise of new cheap energy production technologies that would otherwise shuffle the deck of oligarchy.  The big capital holders like Blackrock, State Street, and Vanguard are using their control of funding, in concert with the various central banks, to force actions like you see from Bud Light, with no regard to what the market might want and with a clear internal understanding as articulated by people like Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and their resident troll scholar and transhumanist, Yuval Noah Harari, that envisions a better world by getting rid of a lot of people. 

How do you get there?  You set the poor, violent, and uncontrolled against those just trying to survive, and then let government play crooked referee.  This project has to complete before the new tech can come forward: You need chaos first, then control which the central bank digital currencies (CBDC) with a transparent blockchain will allow, and then the social credit score system comes as the designed solution to the crisis this crime is catalyzing.  Most importantly, these actions will create the mandate for strong control. Such authoritarianism, however loudly the paid mouthpieces decry now, is the goal because the new world won’t allow control via leverage the way it used to work: by mere propaganda and finance.  I wrote about this a lot of in Come Out of Babylon as well as Behold the Beast System if you want the sordid details, but for today, it is sufficient to realize the oligarchy needs these excuses to take back power in the name of the people.

Will they spawn an actual collapse in their hubris? They seem to have underestimated just how divested their strategy has made ordinary folk, especially those talented young men whose labor and intellect is needed to sustain society along with the lost young women who have been led astray into various sorts of society pleasing but self-destructive behaviors. Will they pull off their controlled demolition either because of popular subservience or perhaps full replacement by AI, AGI, and automation? Whatever turns out, it’s hard to see the upside for anyone who aspires to the old vision(s) of civilization.  You cannot fix this, and if you are determined to try, the solutions will inevitably turn to such dark concepts as tyranny, genocide, and essentially being forced into generational efforts to remake the system against constant resistance which can only lead to massive violence. 

Against this backdrop, realizing most people who see these things clearly actually genuinely only wish to live better absent these concerns without a control matrix governing every thought, action, and transaction, it is worth emphasizing that absent character, integrity, aptitude, and ethics, their grift collapses far more quickly.  What we have, in the end, is not our money or even our land, but ourselves, and we can choose not to comply.

That question is the one that puzzles me. While I don’t pretend to know all the details of how to manage such embarkation, I’m pretty sure it starts when we pool our efforts behind our own truths, tested and proven, and with people who look and act how we do.  One healthy seed is more powerful than all the rot, because it may yet live and grow, but in the concrete ashes of the American wasteland, such hard soil is no place for new vigor to take root, so what I propose is different than just running away to run another day.  A new home, with new institutions, fearless in proclaiming truth, understanding the need to keep the world out, to keep what we cherish in, to hold each other to account, and to find culture – truth – to restart civilization is needed.  This post is a testament to my belief it cannot happen here because our government, in my own sad and personal experience as clearly as anything you see on the news, is committed to just one thing with any efficacy.  It will destroy all that is good, and if you choose to fight for that, you are not just a traitor to yourself, but given the transhumanism they want through the back door, you are an enemy to humanity.  Choose otherwise.

Look for more thoughts on how we do this, and I welcome and hope for your engagement.  In the Lord, there is always truth and grace greater than all the damage we inflict upon ourselves and each other, and I just pray those of us who care enough to look, have His blessing in finding such.

Edited and posted with the author’s permission.

Tom Kawczynski is the author of many books. He tells the everyman story of what is happening in history and politics today. Controversial yet accessible, his books cover the questions people whisper about but are not allowed to discuss openly. Identity politics, civil strife, and the darker side of politics, control, and finance are common themes . He asks how we fight the spiritual battle by reclaiming our Christian faith from all who introduce false doctrine and division, and the ideas no one else will touch. You can read more of his works at The Disconnect on Substack.

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