Ryan Terrell: Dynamic Young Republican Leader to Visit Laconia

As one of the leaders of our local Republican party committee, I occasionally receive notes and emails from certain people that, no matter what, we are just “not Republican enough.” I get admonished that the Party “ought to speak up and issue statements and resolutions” on nearly every topic imaginable- as if we have real power to change perceived wrongs with the stroke of a pen.

What people like this fail to understand is that it has taken many years to find ourselves in the present “woke” times and the capsizing ship isn’t going to get righted overnight. It will take years of effort and persuasion through well-presented ideas, living by example, and education. Heavy-handedness only begets reactionary pushback and instantaneous closed-minds. Of the complaints submitted, one is fairly regular: that state party leadership fails to speak out. As someone plugged into that network, I completely disagree. First of all, I’ll just say that there is no need to react and comment on EVERYTHING. We ARE a “big tent” and there certainly IS a wide range of viewpoints within the GOP spectrum. There are many voices, and, as far as particular legislation goes, that is mostly left up to our elected Republicans to handle the nuts and bolts, INCLUDING our governor.

That said, NHGOP Chair Chris Ager has done a great job at communicating the state party message and reaches out regularly with official statements and emailings to deliver it. Most of these can be found at our own Belknap County Republican State Committee news page and on its social media platforms.

For this particular posting, I want to go beyond all that and focus specifically on the Vice Chair of the NHGOP Ryan Terrell. As a relative newcomer to the scene, and, more importantly, a YOUNGER player, he brings an exciting and vibrant presence to the table. Residing in Lee, NH, Mr. Terrell is a business owner and community leader and serves on the NH State Board of education. To those who claim that our Party’s leaders don’t speak out, I would point you to Mr Terrell’s Twitter page, where you will discover that he’s as outspoken as anybody and holds very little back. I took a visit today and found myself giving virtual high fives to a number of Tweets in which he is singing my song. Here’s but a small taste:

And on and on he goes. Is Ryan not a refreshing man of straight talk and speaking unvarnished truth? In the several times I have had the opportunity to speak with him in person, he has explained the need to share such truth among younger people and members of the minority community that get little to no exposure to these messages. He also stresses the importance of faith and priority:

If you like what you are reading here, I highly recommend that, if given a chance, you should try to catch up with Ryan in person. In fact, he is going to be here in Laconia Wednesday April 12th as he is the special guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Belknap County Republican State Committee! I highly recommend you make an effort to come listen to him and meet him for yourself. Here are the details:

The Belknap County Republican Committee is hosting its monthly meeting on Wednesday April 12th at the Sidecar Sports Bar at Tower Hill Tavern –264 Lakeside Ave Laconia, NH (Weirs Beach) starting at 6PM. This month’s guest speaker will be the New Hampshire Republican Party Vice-Chair Ryan Terrell. Residing in Lee, NH, Mr. Terrell is a business and community leader and serves on the NH State Board of education. He is expected to cover several topics including GOP youth outreach efforts and strategies, important educational issues and opportunities, and small business challenges here in the Granite State. He is an energetic and dynamic speaker that promises to make for an interesting and informative evening. 

The meeting is open to Republicans and like-minded independents. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. To find out more, please visit the Committee’s website at www.BelknapCountyGOP.org or send an email to gregghough2020@gmail.com to RSVP. Attendees will be asked to sign in and provide contact information. Parking will be available on the street and at the church directly behind the building.

Hope to see you all there!

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