by Ann Marie Banfield

YES, of course mental health is of the utmost importance for children, but once again, the public schools are the dumping ground for all of society’s problems. 

SB151 adds mental health education to an adequate education. 

These are the same public schools that are having difficulty teaching children to read on grade level. The same schools who are hiding information about children from their parents. The same schools that teach kids math in a convoluted way. The same schools that use science standards ground in political indoctrination. The same schools that refused to open, and caused much of the mental health problems children were experiencing just a short time ago!  These are the same schools that are sharing mental health information on children without parental knowledge or consent!

NOW our legislators think that teaching kids about mental health should be included? 

NO. The only ones who are experts in the field of a child’s mental health ARE PhD level Child Psychologists and Psychiatrists. THAT is not detailed in this Bill. 

Hand over mental health to teachers? Do they know about depression? Anxiety? Suicide? 

What will they discuss with your children when it comes to their mental health? 

The standards would be developed by the NH Dept of ed. The same department of Ed that gives us dumbed down Common Core & political science standards. 

A few weeks ago, they were discussing a civics bill and were contemplating why children were not learning civics. NOW they want to add mental health to their plate.  Expect the academic subjects to take MORE of a backseat!  Right now these kids are lucky to get science, social studies or civics!!

Get back to academics. Let EXPERTS deal with mental health and children. 

Send an email to: HouseEducationCommittee@leg.state.nh.us

NO on SB151

You can also go here to sign in OPPOSED to SB151: 


Get back to teaching the academics, and leave mental health to the professionals!

Ann Marie Banfield has been researching education reform for over a decade and actively supports parental rights, literacy and academic excellence in k-12 schools. You can contact her at: banfieldannmarie@gmail.com

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