Tulsi For Veep? Getting Closer…

Last October I posted a piece on the departure of former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard from the Democrat Party. In it, I reviewed the issues of concern that she raised in regard to where the Democrats, and the country as a whole were headed. She hit on many matters that certainly caught my attention. I concluded the piece with some food for thought:

I have since written and posted several pieces on her. The Bastion covered her visit to Laconia campaigning for General Bolduc’s US Senate run, which drew an enthusiastic crowd on an otherwise dreary day. We also reported on an appearance she made on Jordan Peterson’s Daily Wire show and her statement that

“We need leadership… There is promise in this system, but the system is extremely dysfunctional and corrupt right now.”

Noting how our Constitutional rights are being challenged, she stated

“I will continue to seek ways to help lead that change… to get us back to the kind of country that our Founders envisioned for us.”

In that post I wrote:

I predict she has something in mind, and it’s not just a podcast. As I stated before in the posts I linked above, Tulsi Gabbard has a future in some fashion here in our country. Might she even take a run for President? Or, perhaps be a very powerful ally on a Presidential ticket? 

Bastion, February 20, 2023

Well guess what? In an exclusive story posted yesterday by Libby Emmons in Human Events, it was reported that

“Tulsi Gabbard suggests she would be open to running as VP candidate if asked”

That’s right- as put forth as a possibility here on the Bastion, it seems that Gabbard is stepping up and perhaps considering a chance to lead. After following her with great interest since she first appeared on the scene- once seeking the Democrat nomination for president and then exiting the party, followed by many interesting speeches and media appearances, here we are. Now, I’m not ready to throw my support to her- or ANYBODY on ANY ticket at this point–I am nonetheless intrigued by Tulsi Gabbard and very much grooving to the message she delivers…

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