Potemkin Republicans?

Merriam Webster, on the definition of a Potemkin Village:

an impressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition

In an informative article by Garry Rayno for In Depth NH, the writer describes the situation in the NH House of Representatives as it pertains to several pieces of legislation. Focusing in part on the razor-thin Republican majority as it relates specifically to the budget proposals in the House, he writes,

The budget presents its own problems for House leadership as it learned late last week when House Finance Committee member Rep. J.R. Hoell, R-Dunbarton, said he could not support a package that spends as much as the House proposals does.

If anyone thought all the members of the Free State/Libertarian wing of the House were going to back the plan, they do not know what this group is about.

It was an astute observation that warrants some clarification.  First, he mentions the “Free State/Libertarian” wing of the House.  To be clear these people are squatters in the Republican party!  They, as a group, are insignificant and ineffective as their own political party(s).  What they have done, much like the socialist/communists have done within the Democrat Party, is to pretend they are Republicans so they may impose their ideology upon the Citizens of New Hampshire.

Second, as some of their basic ideology is similar to the Republican platform, infiltration in the beginning was fairly easy.  However, time has shown us there is a grave distinction between Republicans and these interlopers. Republicans realize that Government is a necessary evil, and work to make it small and efficient, so it works for all our citizens.  These Squatters look at all Government as just evil and they are only interested in its destruction.

This is plainly evident as the Squatters refuse to assist the Republicans there by opening the door for the lost Democrat agenda to seize the opportunities presented to it by way of these faux Republicans. They might claim to be holding out for their desired “conservative” goals, but, honestly, one needs to look at the result of what they ACTUALLY achieve. Again, from Rayno:

That is why House Speaker Sherman Packard wants as much Democratic support as can be mustered for this budget, just depending on Republican votes for the package was never going to be enough to win approval and send the House blueprint to the Senate.

The budget has many things for Democrats to like such as the 12 percent pay raise for state employees, increased Medicaid reimbursement rates, leaving most of Sununu’s elimination of regulatory and licensing agencies on the cutting room floor, and more money for education funding,

[Bold added]

To be crystal clear, regular rank and file Republicans are united and do not seek to slam other Republicans.  Rather, it is this group of pretenders that continually gives Democrats victories while they revel in the ensuing anarchy that they provide in their great charade.

Do not be fooled! They have been exposed, and their motives are not for the good of New Hampshire.

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