30 Day Carnivore Challenge

Ronnies 30-day Carnivore Challenge

Starting weight: 304

Ending weight: 268

(That’s a 36lb weight loss!!!)

Day 1

Food: Shrimp and cheese omelet, chicken drumsticks, filet mignon.

Impression: Feeling normal, just missing the flavors of normal food.

Day 2

Food: Steak and eggs, hot Italian sausage, broiled haddock with lobster tails, chicken drumstick, hardboiled egg.

Impression: Really missing the flavors and dealing with lack of caffeine headaches as well.

Day 3

Food: Steak and eggs, hot Italian sausage, Chicken drumsticks.

Impression: Really starting to feel the keto flu.

Day 4

Food: Steak, ground beef, pork chops, hardboiled egg.

Impression: This keto flu has me in a daze, headaches are going away.

Day 5

Food: Steak, no bun hotdogs and chicken drumsticks, more chicken drumsticks.

Impression: Feeling very lacking in the electrolyte department getting dizzy every time I stand, and keto flu is still in full swing.

Day 6

Food: Steak and scrambled eggs, hot Italian sausage, chicken drumsticks.

Impression: Blah, super dizzy every time I stand, keto flu seems to be lessoning though.

Day 7

Food: Steak, Ribeye, haddock, and no bun hotdogs.

Impression: Still getting super dizzy but the friend who talked me into this challenge gave me some electrolyte drops and told me where to pick up some minerals to try to help with the dizzy spells. Keto Flu pretty much gone at this point.

Day 8

Food: Lamb chop, steak, Fried egg over ground pork.

Impression: Forgot to try the new drops, still feeling dizzy.

Day 9

Food: Steak and cheese omelet, Crab legs and shrimp, fried egg over ground beef.

Impression: NO MORE DIZZINESS!!! The drops are super gross, but they work like a charm.

Day 10

Food: Ham and cheese omelet, rolled up deli ham, ground beef and more rolled up ham.

Impression: I’m still missing flavors and I feel like the pain is getting worse in my body.

Day 11

Food: Steak and hardboiled eggs, deli pepperoni, butt portion ham.

Impression: My body hurts SOOO bad right now and it’s hard to sleep.

Day 12

Food: Meat stick and a hardboiled egg, ground beef.

Impression: Exhausted, barely slept due to leg pain.

Day 13

Food: Steak and eggs, meat stick, steak and scrambled egg.

Impression: Started doing research like a mad man trying to find out where this pain could be coming from. Possible that it is Oxalate Dumping. Hoping that it goes away soon.

Day 14

Food: Steak and hot Italian sausage, Fried egg over ground pork.

Impression: Having a possible cause for this sleepless leg pain seems to be making it hurt less mentally.

Day 15

Food: Steak and eggs, hot Italian sausage, meat stick.

Impression: Went to sleep last night with barely any pain at all, my overall energy seems to be going up as well.

Day 16

Food: Steak, chicken quarter, boiled eggs.

Impression: Feeling better than ever, no negative side effects today. Added in intermittent fasting today, I’m not eating until at least noon from this point forward.

Day 17

Food: Baked haddock, fried egg over ground pork, deli sliced ham.

Impression: I feel like I’m getting more walking done and I want to be all around more active.

Day 18

Food: Scrambled eggs with cheese, steak, ground pork and hot Italian sausage.

Impression: I was very active today, got a lot done and felt good all day. Though I did want to cheat today for the dumbest reason. This way of life leaves you with less waste than a normal way of eating, so you don’t poop like normal. I almost lost the challenge just so I could poo.

Day 19

Food: Steak and eggs, pork chops.

Impression: Still feeling good, the minerals I ordered came in the mail today and they taste pretty gross as well.

Day 20

Food: Pork Chops, Steak, Hot Italian sausage.

Impression: Feeling top of my game today.

Day 21

Food: Meat sticks, pepperoni, and chicken legs.

Impression: Finding that I’m having to reapply deodorant every few hours, body odor seems to be getting much worse while on this diet. Research showed that it happens to many others as well. Not worth stopping for though.

Day 22

Food: Meat Sticks, Fried egg over ground pork.

Impression: I’ve been doing the intermittent fasting for a little while now and I’m noticing that I never even seem to feel hungry before noon anymore.

Day 23

Food: Chicken drumstick, scrambled eggs with cheese, chicken quarters.

Impression: Feeling okay, I started taking some caffeine pills since I could not find any carnivore friendly caffeine drinks.

Day 24

Food: Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, ground pork and steak.

Impression: Already feeling the caffeine addiction coming back. Wishing I had not started taking it again, but all around feeling good.

Day 25

Food: Steak and sausage, chicken drumsticks, pork ribs.

Impression: Feeling epic today, I have soooo much energy. Just out getting stuff done and loving it.

Day 26

Food: Pepperoni, chicken drumsticks, and pork ribs.

Impression: I did a 4-hour photoshoot and about 12 hours of editing today. Felt like I may be missing potassium with the way my legs were cramping, but still a good day all around.

Day 27

Food: Steak, scrambled eggs and bacon, chicken drumsticks.

Impression: It’s a boring day, stuck at home and wishing I could be out getting in loads of steps instead. Still feeling amazing though and starting to learn to love the natural flavors of the meat.

Day 28

Food: Steak, shredded chicken in chicken broth

Impression: I had 10lbs of extra chicken that was taking up too much room in my chest freezer, so boiled it all up to make a chicken soup kind of meal. Really missed having the rice and noodles today.

Day 29

Food: Meat stick and a few bowls of fish chowder.

Impression: Today was my anniversary so we made up a special fish chowder. It tasted amazing and it was all animal products, but my body did not seem to like it as it went right through me. Most pooping I’ve done in the last 29 days.

Day 30

Food: Fried eggs and bacon, Chicken wings, Steak.

Impression: This was officially the last day of my 30-day challenge, and I feel absolutely amazing.

To sum this all up, I stuck to only animal products for 30 days and lost 36 lbs. Even though I still miss all the flavors, I have decided to keep pushing forward and make it a full 60 days. I am not a doctor, or a nutritionist, so don’t take this as medical advice. I am just showing what I did and how it all worked for me.


Feel amazing

Full of energy

Weight loss

Feeling healthy


Miss the variety of flavors

Get super dizzy if you don’t get enough electrolytes.

For more information, check out this video by Dr Ken Berry.

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