Gilford: RE-ELECT Kyle Sanborn for School Board

Kyle Sanborn is asking for Gilford residents for their vote:

I want to first thank all of the voters in Gilford who entrusted me with their vote almost three years ago!

Your continued support and encouragement is a big part of why I have decided to run again on MARCH 14TH!

I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that we as a board must navigate so that we can ensure our students are equipped for life.

I will continue to be a voice and continue to work effectively with our other board members.

I am respectfully asking for YOUR VOTE on Tuesday March 14th!

*Two years on the Policy Committee

*This years Budget Committee Rep

*Liaison to the Huot Technical Center


Here’s what long-time resident and State Representative Harry Bean says about Kyle:

I am voting to re-elect Kyle Sanborn to the Gilford School Board. Over the past three years he has proven to be a dedicated and trustworthy member of our school board and I have no doubt that he will continue to do a great job. In this last year, he was voted as the board’s vice chair and was also the representative on our town’s budget committee. He is well respected among his peers and is always prepared for the meetings. Kyle was born and raised here in Gilford and graduated in the class of 2001. He is a husband and father of three children. He has deep Gilford roots and is fully invested in our community, which is why on March 14, I will be voting for him.

Governor Chris Sununu with Kyle Sanborn

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