Gibberish & Nonsense are the Hallmarks of the woke culture.

Zie, zim, zir, zis. I think I identify as one of zose. Micro aggressions, safe spaces, systemic racism, bame, bopo, cis, biopropriate, cancel culture, black lives matter. Cultural appropriation, gas light, gender binary, internalized misogyny, mansplain, toxic masculinity, trigger warning, inclusive, pansexual, me too, greenwash, antiracism, critical race theory, equity, social justice. Diversity, implicit bias, white fragility, and hate speech.

I know what you’re thinking, I missed some. Ok, gender fluid and green new deal. That should be enough to illustrate my point. When one looks at the word salad above there begins to be a theme that strings these “woke” terms together into an easily identifiable category.


If you have read George Orwell’s classic dystopian masterpiece “1984” you would be well aware of the re-education tactics used upon Winston by Big Brother (who is watching you) to crush his individual thought and quest for truth, especially the kind of thought that goes against the narrative pushed by the the all powerful state. It is a story of how in the pursuit of a utopian society the price imposed by the totalitarian rule crushes the human spirit, and makes free thinking impossible. When this book was written, the year 1984 was far into the future. When 1984 came we had arguably the greatest free society in the history of the world. Now almost 40 years later we are on the precipice of realizing the horror of what Orwell warned of.

The 90’s version of Star Trek reminded us of this very lesson as Captain Picard endured torture by his Cardassian captor. Throughout, Picard is mercilessly tortured and is shown 4 lights. The torture is paused occasionally, and Picard is given the choice of a life in paradise with wine, women, and song and the ability to do whatever he wants for the rest of his life, or he can stay where he is and continued to be tortured until death. They even will torture Picard’s crew members in an effort to have him comply. All he has to do is say there are 5 lights.

The story ends just as Picard is ready to break, he is ready to agree with a false reality to make his life better and easier. Just then the Federation breaks down the door and rescues him and in that moment Picard defiantly yell at his captor “There Are Four Lights!!”.

Picard later concedes that he was no only ready to give in, but he was to the point where he actually believed he saw 5 lights even though there was only 4. This cautionary tale is today’s reality.

We are continually bombarded with outright lies and misdirection that contradict long, and well established realities of life, our human and societal culture knows as “Truth”. If we dare to contradict the nonsense we are punished. Our captors first humiliate us, then they shun. It then escalates to financial ruin, and the loss of the rights of freedom we hold dear. Can’t go to the store, can’t go to work, can’t go to school, can’t go on a trip, can’t see loved ones, etc.


As an American there is a natural revoltion to doing what someone else tells me to do. We are, as Americans, predisposed to place a high value on being an individual, moreover the pillars of Americanism revolve around reality and truth. Without those, we would not have the light bulb, the automobile, or space travel. We would not have the medical advances we enjoy or the cities we live in or the agriculture to feed our masses. The folly and foolishness that the left is pushing if far more damaging than a pronoun. It is the coercion of a looming totalitarian state take over of our way of life.

Winston, in the novel “1984” had nowhere to go, and was crushed. Captain Picard in Star Trek (the next generation) was saved by the cavalry. What will be our fate?

Do you see 4 lights or 5?


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