Gilmanton: Write In Susan Ward for School Board!

Hello Neighbors!

Like many of you, I was a bit shocked to hear that there was only one candidate to fill the two year seat on our school board.

I attended Candidate’s Night this evening. The students did a wonderful job hosting this event to get to know our candidates. I was slightly disappointed tho, that for many positions to be voted on, only a handful of candidates showed up to meet the public.

It is partly because of this, that I, Susan Ward, ask you, my neighbors, to write my name in when you cast your vote next Tuesday, March 14, and make me the next member of our school board.

I am a lifelong resident of Gilmanton, I graduated from Gilmanton Elementary in 1983, and both of my children are GES alumni. My daughter graduated from Gilford in 2006 and my son graduated from Belmont in 2021. Kristin is a loving wife and mother of my 3 beautiful grandchildren, and she is currently working at DHHS as a family case worker. Warrie has worked at Wendy’s since he was 15. He graduated high school in only 3 years by doubling up his classes. He may be an electrician, I don’t think he has quite decided yet, he’s still got some time to figure that out😉

I have been an inactive member of our beautiful community for far too long. It would be my privilege and an honor to serve on our school board.

If elected, I promise to attend every meeting, be attentive, and be available to the public.

Please write in Susan Ward for Gilmanton School Board (for the 2 year seat) on Tuesday March 14

Thank you

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