Video: Gov Sununu at Belknap County GOP

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu was the guest speaker at the Belknap County Republican Committee’s (BCRC) monthly meeting. Addressing the full house, he covered a range of topics including the Granite State’s small and efficient government that features low taxes and the lack of an income or sales tax. He talked about maintaining local control and the importance of electing more conservatives and Republicans to school and select boards. The Governor also touched on his budget proposals that include an across the board reduction of state regulations via the multitude of licensure boards and agencies, which have become more than what should be found in our “Live Free or DIe” state of individual freedom and responsibility.

Sununu took a series of questions, with the number one topic in the room being the Parental Bill of Rights and whether he will support it and sign it. He indicates that he plans to do just that once the House and Senate send the bill to his desk that is sound and able to withstand any legal challenges. Answering an inquiry regarding presidential aspirations and recent appearances on national news outlets and visits to locations outside New Hampshire, he stated that he is simply responding to great interest in the ongoing economic success of our state that in turn helps to grow and expand the Republican brand.

Photos: Ronnie Abbott

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