FITN News. Hogan: I’m Out.

In the ongoing game of Presidential Primary politics, there are three basic types of announcements: the “flirtation,” the actual “I’m in,” and the “big announcement” that “I’m out.”

After flirting a bit, which amounts to floating trial balloons, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has put forth his “big announcement”: He’s out. While we wait to find out if anyone at all has any disappointment to register at the news, we bring you the official word:

The reason that we find this of interest here at the Bastion is, of course, since we are the First in the Nation Republican Primary state, it should be noted. But beyond that is one of the points made in his release:

“To once again be a successful governing party, we must move on from Donald Trump.”

Certainly Governor Hogan, had he taken the plunge, would have campaigned in that particular lane as the race shakes out. There’s another certain Governor that has of late made several statements in a very similar vein regarding the Republican Party and moving on from Donald Trump. One HAS to wonder what this Hogan news means for HIM…

NH Governor Chris Sununu

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