Littlefield: These are NOT Paul Ryan’s Congressional Republicans…

Guest Post by Hon. Richard Littlefield

When Republicans took over the majority in the United States House of Representatives they promised that changes would be made,–changes that are sorely needed. One of those changes would be fiscal responsibility.

On this past Tuesday, Republican Senators Mike Crapo, John Thune, and Ron Johnson partnered with Republican Congressmen Kevin Brady and Jason Smith to do just that.

If passed in legislation, the proposal they brought forth would force the Biden Administration to unveil its own plan to cut government spending before raising the debt ceiling.

(I know I was extremely surprised as well!)

This bill comes in the midst of the US government approaching its borrowing limit at a whopping and unsustainable 28.4 trillion dollars–a number that should concern everyone.

Very rarely do I see anything that comes out of either party as a great idea, but this one is truly a GREAT idea for the American people, and unsurprisingly, Washington Democrats are not lining up to sign on.

Keeping promises has become more and more of a real thing for Congressional Republicans as of late.

They promised to return our Nation’s capital back to We The People, and they have.

They promised to end Nancy Pelosi’s one party rule, and they have.

They promised to reign in the power of the Speaker of the House, and they have.

They promised to hold unelected beurocrats accountable for Covid transgressions, social media censorship and much more, and they are doing that.

This is not Paul Ryan’s Republican Party anymore!

For too long Republican voters have been hesitant to believe the promises made by Congressional Republicans- and for good reason. But it’s looking more and more that those days are over. Happily, I have a good feeling that they aren’t coming back.

My hope moving forward is that Granite Staters on all sides of the political spectrum will work together to elect public servants who believe in fiscal restraint and that responsible government spending will become a norm along with keeping promises.

I know we can get there as a united people on the same side.

Hon. Richard Littlefield 



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