Survival tips #2 Starter preps for those with very low spendable money.

A few years ago I got started into the world of prepping. Bug out bags and Every Day Carry (EDC) became my main focus. Wanting the best gear, the best preps, and always figuring out something more, I sat down with the wife one day and figured out that in most cases,we would hunker down instead of hitting the woods (she doesn’t like the woods-LOL). Given financial realities, she wanted me to start spending much less on the prepping. We started looking for things that we could buy for the apartment to help us be prepared in a SHTF (S*it Hit The Fan) situation. In this quick article, I will list 10 things that I started buying for very little money to help be prepared.

  1. Rice, honestly one of the cheapest things on the list. We stored about 50lbs of rice in food grade 5 gallon buckets with the rice only costing roughly $10 for 20lbs. It will make sure you have food — even though it’s bland, it will last you for some time.
  2. Pocket stove and gas. For less than $30 on Amazon, you can purchase a pocket stove and some gas to be able to cook if you lose power.
  3. 5 Gallon Water Bottles- the same kind you put on a water bubbler. I keep a few in the house and any time there is a storm coming, I fill them just in case.
  4. Matches- you can buy hundreds of them at the dollar stores.
  5. Knife- one that can be used for more than just cutting food. Personally, I really like the Morakniv: the cheapest model is only about $11 on Amazon but you can use them for pretty much anything. I’ve even feather sticked with them.
  6. First aid kit. These can be found for less than $50 on Amazon or you can build your own with items purchased at Walmart or the dollar store for much less.
  7. Canned food. Store brand canned vegetables are very cheap and can add nutritious value and flavor to your rice for a very small cost.
  8. Flashlights. Another item you can grab at the dollar store with batteries for super cheap.
  9. Playing cards. In some places these are as cheap as 99 cents and there is nothing better to pass the time with no power then playing cards by the window light with your family or solitaire by yourself.
  10. Power bank. In a fast-resolving SHTF situation, being able to charge your electronics via a power bank is priceless. You can pick up a pretty decent one for under $40 on Amazon.

These are just 10 of the small things you can get for extremely cheap the value will be apparent if you ever find yourself in a SHTF situation. Or if it’s simply a temporary more “ordinary” scenario like a bad weather event. Either way, being prepared is always worthwhile.

Morakniv used to feather stick.

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