State Senator Lang: Governor’s Proposed Licensure and Regulatory Reform As Proposed in HB 2

Guest post by State Senator Timothy Lang.

For those asking about Governor Chris Sununu publicized remarks about licensing boards and licenses. Here is the brunt of the recommendation being put forward.

Governor’s Proposed Licensure and Regulatory Reform As Proposed in HB 2

Change to Advisory Board – Upon review of the small number of licensees in the state and limited number of complaints received for a given profession, we determined that the following boards would be better suited to be an advisory group of professionals to advise the Executive Director on how to best implement the governing statutes. Licensees in these professions will experience a streamlined process upon initial licensing license renewal or. This is consistent with how we have treated other similarly situated boards in the past.

• Board of Acupuncture Licensing

• Board of the Certification of Assessors

• Family Mediator Certification Board

• Guardian Ad Litem Board

• Manufactured Housing Installation Standards Board

• Midwifery Council

• Naturopathic Board of Examiners

• Board of Nursing Home Administrators

Merged Boards – To increase efficiency and reduce barriers to workforce, combine oversight responsibilities by merging the following boards

1. Advisory Board of Reflexology, Structural Integration, and Asian Bodywork Therapy with Advisory Board of Massage Therapy to become the Advisory Board of Massage Therapists, Reflexology, Structural Integration, and Asian Bodywork Therapy

2. (1) Board of Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals (2) Board of Psychology and (3) Board of Mental Health Practice to one inclusive Board of Mental Health Practice

3. Board of Land Surveyors with the Board of Professional Engineers to become the Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

4. (1) Board of Podiatry, (2) Board of Medicine and, (3) Medical Review Subcommittee to one inclusive Board of Medicine

*Number 2 and 4 include 3→1 merges, thus eliminating 2 boards each*

Repealed boards – To eliminate boards that no longer serve a necessary function, to eliminate boards that are not necessary to protect the public, and to eliminate unnecessary barriers to workforce entry, the following boards are repealed:

1. Board of Directors of Allied Health Professionals

2. Board of Foresters

3. Board of Landscape Architects

4. Board of Natural Scientists

5. Board of Registration of Medical Technicians

6. Court Reporters Advisory Board

7. Manufactured Housing Complaint Board

8. Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapists Advisory Board

*The above repealed boards in addition to the boards that are proposed to be merged brings the total to 14*

Repealed Licenses – As part of the effort to decrease barriers to workforce entry the following licenses and certifications are eliminated.

1. Apprentice Soil Scientist

2. Apprentice Wetland Scientist

3. Athlete Agent

4. Barbering, Cosmetology & Esthetics Booths within an already licensed facility

5. Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist 6. Computed Tomography

7. Forester

8. Hawkers and Peddlers

9. Itinerant Vendor

10. Landscape Architect

11. Licensed Nursing Assistant

12. Limited X-ray Machine Operator

13. Magnetic Resonance Technologist

14. Medical Technician

15. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

16. Radiation Therapist

17. Radiographer

18. Radiologist Assistant

19. Shorthand Court Reporters

20. Soil Scientist

21. Sonographer

22. Temporary License-Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist

23. Temporary License-Computed Tomography

24. Temporary License-Limited X-ray Machine Operator

25. Temporary License-Magnetic Resonance Technologist

26. Temporary License-Nuclear Medicine Technologist

27. Temporary License-Radiation Therapist

28. Temporary License-Radiographer

29. Temporary License-Radiologist Assistant

30. Temporary License-Sonographer

31. Temporary Permit-Veterinary Medicine

32. Temporary Registration-Medical Technician

33. Voice Court Reporter

34. Wetland Scientist

Timothy P. Lang Sr. is a Republican NH State Senator representing District 2. He serves as the Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee. He is the Vice-Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR)  He also is a member several other committees: The Senate EducationCommittee, the Capital Budget Overview Committee as well as the State Veterans Advisory Council 

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