Tulsi Gabbard: “Despite all the challenges we face, there is hope”

Bastion readers might recall that we wrote of Tulsi Gabbard a while back when she visited our local area, campaigning for the Republican US Senate candidate Don Bolduc. At the time, we noted

“Listening to her speak, and watching her in action, one can definitely sense there is a future for her in high level politics.”

Tulsi Gabbard in Laconia

We further observed in another post covering her departure from the Democrat Party and her speech discussing the move, that she might perhaps be an interesting running mate in a possible “unity ticket” with a certain governor from Florida. I wrote that she is very much

“like an old-guard Democrat like Kennedy or Truman. She truly loves the country and isn’t some closet socialist commie. And that’s good. Good for her, and good for America. Why? Because she has a tremendous appeal that I think slices through some of the current political divides.”

She recently appeared on Jordan Peterson’s Daily Wire show and she said something that caught my attention:

“We need leadership… There is promise in this system, but the system is extremely dysfunctional and corrupt right now.”

Noting how our Constitutional rights are being challenged, she stated

“I will continue to seek ways to help lead that change… to get us back to the kind of country that our Founders envisioned for us.”

You can watch a short clip of her appearance here:

Hmmmm…. What do you think? I predict she has something in mind, and it’s not just a podcast. As I stated before in the posts I linked above, Tulsi Gabbard has a future in some fashion here in our country. Might she even take a run for President? Or, perhaps be a very powerful ally on a Presidential ticket? I suggested a certain governor from Florida. How about another one? Perhaps a certain governor from NEW HAMPSHIRE? He and Tulsi are two people that aren’t as openly partisan as many other potential contenders. Is this what our country needs right now? Don’t get me wrong- I am NOT endorsing anybody at the moment, but I’m just tossing out some suggestions to ignite some conversation.

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