Jonathan: Coming to a Home Nation Near You

The untold secrets of history. Love it. Likely coming to a home nation near you in the next 4-10 years…

As China aligns against us, they will cease buying our debt and begin to accelerate selling it. Japan, the UK and other allies will be forced into selling treasuries to get dollars & then exchange those dollars to protect their own currencies from inflation. Middle men like Saudi Arabia will (and already are) deal less in dollars as international power & energy demand shifts east to India, Pakistan & China. As world instability worsens, there will likely be one last spike of dollar strength due to the financial system fracturing and dollar debts being called, but this will serve as the dollar’s own death blow. The spike in dollar strength vs other currencies will force foreigners to sell treasuries and exchange dollars for local currency even faster, to prevent hyperinflation in local currency. It will also fuel more international frustration with the status quo of the US being the monetary hegemon of the world which will put pressure on banks & govts to change.

All of this will eventually lead to a situation where if the US govt wants to increase spending, the new dollars must be “printed” by the Fed and those dollars will not be spread abroad or siphoned into US financial assets by foreigners and thus innoculated against local inflation. Instead they will be concentrated at home in actual circulation – making local money supply skyrocket. That is when things get really messy & where the authoritarians will make their move & freedom loving people must stand up. The only longterm solution is small govt & the dissolution of 70-90% of federal agencies & programs.

I could of course be wrong – but I think there is a chance this might happen sooner than people think because it will accelerate really fast near the end – but probably still a few years away at minimum.

Jonathan thinks and writes about the financial system and how it impacts the lives of ordinary people. While recognizing that we have little to no control over the powerful forces that control each and every one of ushe at least explains it so we can understand what is happening, and why…

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