The NHGOP is what NH is all about!

The New Hampshire Republican Party is poised to yet again to answer the call to duty that our fellow citizens here in the Granite State have issued. It is more clear than ever before that the New Hampshire advantage and the life style of our motto “Live Free of Die”, is only embodied by the New Hampshire Republican Party.

We have heard your demands for a Small, Efficient Government. While there are those who may want little to no government, and others still who believe government should control all aspects of your lives, (democrats) New Hampshire Republicans understand that government is important and serves a vital supporting role in our lives. It should be there to assist us, not rule us. It should also be as efficient as possible so that YOU the tax payer can keep as much of your hard earned money as possible. You know how to spend your money better than the government, and we have the fiduciary responsibility to ensure fiscal responsibility.

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The best way to ensure fiscal responsibility is by having Low Taxes. Low taxes, encourage low spending and emphasizes the value of every single dollar. There are those who seem to not understand the concept that government funds do not belong to them. (democrats). They also don’t seem to understand that real people work very hard for their money and deserve the best return on investment possible. (democrats).

Local Control is a huge component of the Live Free or Die state. It has long been understood that it is the people of a community, not a far away bureaucracy that knows what is best for themselves. The Republican Party is constantly fighting to see to it, that you are able to shape your community the way you see fit. While other parties (democrats) think one size fits all like in California, New York, or Massachusetts. New Hampshire Republicans understand the importance of local control.

This all culminates to the most important part of New Hampshire life, Individual Freedom and Responsibility. This is what we were founded on, and this is what we base our “Live free or die” state on. The only way to have Small Efficient Government, Low Taxes, and Local Control is by promoting and engaging in Individual Freedom and Responsibility. Freedom is what we have all known and loved for generations here in New Hampshire. To have Freedom is very powerful, and it is in constant jeopardy as there are those who wish to control you (democrats). However, as noted in the movie “Spiderman”, “with great power, comes great Responsibility.”

Responsibility takes many forms from taking care of our children, showing up for work, and paying our bills to, doing what you say you will do, being curtious to others and even picking up after one’s self. Yet there is one Responsibility that is sometimes overlooked, and that is choosing our leaders in government. To preserve the New Hampshire way we must vote for those who will do just that. When good people do nothing bad people win.

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It is our Responsibility as Republicans or Independents to seek out the candidates who will fight for you and your way of life. Who will make sure that we have a Small and Efficient Government. Who understand that being fiscally responsible means fighting for Low Taxes. Who believe in You and the community you live in to make the right choices for yourselves and by having Local Control. And who know that your Individual Freedom and Responsibility are at the core of what makes the Granite State the Greatest State in the Nation to Live in, and raise a family.

These are the values that you stand for. They are the values the New Hampshire Republican Party is here to fight for. Together we will ensure for ourselves and our children the best quality of life by ensuring we maintain a Small Efficient Government, diligently work for Low Taxes, tirelessly fight to maintain Local Control, which all ultimately lead to continual Individual Freedom and embracing our earned Responsibility.

Gregg Hough

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