China is no friend of ours. By Richard Littlefield

Guest Post by Hon. Richard Littlefield

The United States and China couldn’t be more different.

In the United States we can thrive with hard work and a little elbow grease.

China keeps a very close and heavy thumb on its people, keeping poverty and weakness at all time highs.

In the United States you are free to have and share your own opinions and feelings on political issues.

China restricts every thought that may go against the grain, and uses the threat of very real imprisonment to keep everyone quiet and obedient.

In the United States we believe in good old fashioned freedom.

China believes in forceful compliance of all CCP rules and laws.

 So why would the NBA bend a willing knee to a Communist Government?

Why would US Politicians take money from a country who’s values and system of law so directly opposes our own?

Wouldn’t you love to know the answers to those questions? I know I would!

I would think that those who take money from China would think about the forced slavery of oppressed people.

Or the fact that the Chinese people are kept down to such a low standard of living.

For these reasons and so many more, it’s about time that We The People have a conversation about taking back our supply chains and letting go of our dependence on the CCP.

With large investments we can revamp and strengthen our agricultural industries.

We can start making tools that once again proudly say Made In America.

America can start producing its own medicines and personal protective equipment.

The big hang up is the prices we will all pay.

In the short term prices for most items we buy will cost more. 

Is it worth buying something from China cheaper and of lesser quality than what we can make with American ingenuity?

Is it worth staying dependent on them knowing that they rake us over the coals for hundreds of billions in trade, and steal intillectual property rights?

I don’t think it is.

If what I have said hasn’t convinced anyone that we need to free ourselves of China, remember this: they are also one of the worst polluting countries in the world along with Japan and India. 

Why won’t John Kerry, AL Gore and Greta Thunberg take their climate change fight to the door of Xi Jing Ping and demand that they cut their emissions to 0 and move to nothing but renewables and electric vehicles?

I think I know why, but that’s for another day.

Granite Staters should call, email and visit the offices of Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Chris Pappas, and Annie Kuster and tell them that bowing to China is no longer acceptable.

Write letters to President Biden demanding he hold the CCP accountable for their unfair trade practices, spreading Covid 19 throughout the world, forced slavery, and threats of aggression toward Taiwan.

As a country full of hard-workers, fighters, patriots and public servants let’s cut the cord and move on as a country free of dependence on a country that we diametrically oppose in ever way.

Let’s come together as people who believe in freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Now is the time!

Hon. Richard Littlefield

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