The Bastion is looking for contributors.

Who are we?

Here at the Bastion, we are a group of people who came together looking for a different and unique place to get our political based thoughts and commentary published and shared. Naturally, we realize that many of the sources out there were already skewed to one side or the other- even within the so-called conservative, or liberal spaces. So, we decided to start our own publication that focused on the commentary without the extreme biases of the other sources. Don’t misunderstand– most of us are personally right leaning. That does not, however, mean we are unwilling to post things from different sides of the political spectrum.

What we are looking for:

Political Commentary

Local and State News

Business Advertisements.

Feel Good Stories & Assorted Light Fare

All submissions must be provable as fact or written as an opinion piece.

Submissions can be sent to

We will help with editing for those who need it.

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