Mother Testifies at Hearing for HB396- A Bill to Preserve Female-Only Spaces

New Hampshire is again in the national spotlight- this time for a bill working its way through the House that seeks to preserve and protect public biological female-only spaces.

The popular online journal Post Millennial published a report on a House Judiciary Committee hearing that took place last month on HB 396- “AN ACT relative to state recognition of biological sex.” This bill seeks to clarify the difference between DECLARED gender identity and BIOLOGICAL gender. Current NH law can be interpreted to allow biological males that identify as female to use restrooms and locker rooms designated for females.

New Hampshire currently allows citizens to select whatever gender they choose on their drivers’ licenses, so this legislation would clarify that spaces are segregated by biological sex and not a person’s self-declared gender status.

Post Millennial

This PM story specifically focused on powerful testimony delivered by a mother with a 13-year old girl that was directly affected and impacted by the policy allowed under current law. The article highlights Samia DeMarco, who told the committee about

how her 13-year-old daughter is being harassed at school by a male student who identifies as a gender-fluid lesbian.

Post Millennial

She further detailed that

the male student is allowed to use the girls’ facilities at her daughter’s school, and how the student once left the stall door open while urinating. On another occasion, the male student and a group of transgender friends, some of whom identify as animals, entered the female locker room and watched the girls changing.

Post Millennial

This proposed bill is just the latest example of growing pushback in society as it seeks to protect the rights of biological females in the public realm against the rising tide of biological male presence in what used to be private and personal areas.

You can watch Ms. DeMarco’s complete testimony here:

Again, I encourage you to read the full story by clicking HERE. This will be interesting to watch as it continues to unfold.

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