NH Republicans Pounce on Biden After Vote to Strip First in the Nation

NHGOP Chair Chris Ager

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Republicans roundly condemn the Democrat National Committee’s decision to move New Hampshire out of first primary on their approved calendar. The Republican Party promises to welcome candidates and hold the First in the Nation Primary, despite the DNC rule. Chairman Chris Ager released the following statement.

“The DNC can change their rules, and they can make their silly demands, but New Hampshire will hold our First in the Nation primary in the 2024 Presidential race”

NHGOP Chair Chris Ager

He continued:

“It’s clear that our inept President – who was soundly rejected by NH Democrat primary voters in 2020 – is attempting to retaliate against those voters. Punishing New Hampshire is a deeply flawed logic. Instead, the DNC should listen to what Granite Staters were telling them – reject Joe Biden”

“Granite Staters will not bow to Democrat Party bosses. Our First in the Nation Primary will happen as scheduled, and President Biden will become the first incumbent to lose New Hampshire since 1952. We look forward to welcoming all presidential candidates over the next twelve months and can hardly wait to deliver the state to Republicans in 2024. For that, at least, we have the Democrats to thank.”

NHGOP Chair Chris Ager

The RNC voted in April 2022 to keep the early state primary order of Iowa (caucus), New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. Talks are already underway to preserve that schedule going into 2028.

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