Woke, Broke, Joke….

Photo by Phyo Hein Kyaw on Pexels.com

In this age of social media, people have a certain degree of self importance. One great side effect of this is that many times people (especially those in government) tip their hand as to how they really think, and what they really are all about.

There was a quote in the NH Journal from Democrat Representative Eric Gallager of Concord which reads,

“Let’s get something straight: Landlords are not housing providers. The workers who built the housing are the people who provided it, not the landlords. Landlords just sit on housing and charge people rent to live in it.”

photo: Rep Eric Gallager

Let’s unpack this statement, shall we? The Representative begins by introducing the premise that landlords are not housing providers. This is utterly absurd, as there are thousands and thousands of landlords in NH all of whom make space in their property available to use as living space to those who agree to compensate the property owner for his giving up enjoyment of his or hers property.

This then exposes the Concord Democrat to the true nature of his belief as well as his party’s vision and position. They do not believe in the American Ideals of Freedom, Private Property, and Virtue. In this instance he chooses to go after Private Property. Why is this important to expose? Because in the USA, and here in NH, we have the belief that the individual is the most important piece of our culture, and as such any work or associated value of that work is the property of the individual. In all other societies either monarchies, or States claim all the property and all value of work, and production is the property of the collective, either the monarchy or the State. In other words Socialism, Fascism, or Communism.

We literally broke away from England because we wanted to keep the fruits of our labor!

He goes on to state, “the people who built the housing are the people who provided it, not the landlords.” Again, completely out of touch. We have a free market society, and part of that is the use of “money”. Money or currency is representative of value or work. So, it is used to easily transfer wealth, or trade for other things of value.

The people who built the property were paid. That ends their involvement. The Builder, then sells the property for a profit. Once he or she does that their involvement ends. The current owner, paid money he or she earned doing something else of value. As the owner, there are certain enjoyments of real property they get. They can paint, improve, renovate, teardown, or rent the property as they see fit. They also get to pay taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

Lastly, the one who represents Concord makes the bold statement, “Landlords just sit on housing and charge people rent to live in it.” This is said with a contemptuous timber as if this is a barbaric practice. I can assure you that no landlord just sits on housing! This shows the disdain for anyone who desires to improve their lives, or property and who at their core, reaches out to help people by providing a commodity that is needed. Also it’s called free market capitalism. It’s what works, not rent control.

The Representative from Concord

The Democrats have no problem “sitting on housing and charging people to live in it.” as the Representative says. The problem they have is that they don’t want YOU to do it, they want Government to do it. They don’t want you to have money, property, choice, or freedom.

“Vanity. Definitely my favorite sin.” (Al Pacino, Devil’s Advocate)

Gregg Hough

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