Republicans do elections Right!

At the recent annual New Hampshire State Republican Committee meeting that was held in Salem New Hampshire I was one of the committee members in attendance. While I have read a handful of articles from folks who were NOT there, about things they imagined happen, and I’ve read a few articles from folks who were there, who seem to want to do the fashionable thing and lament about non-issues to make a splash on their social media pages. I would like to spotlight some important things that happened at the meeting that have seemingly gone unnoticed, and I believe are worth noting.

First I’d like to commend everyone on the ground for making this event run smoothly. It is never easy to host 400-500 people comfortably, let alone have the added logistical challenges of hosting a former President of the United States. From my experience everyone looked comfortable, refreshments were readily available, as well as facilities. Everything from concessions to seating was well marked, and there were plenty of people to guide you on navigating to where ever your destination may be.

The press was there, and were never a factor in the proceedings. They knew the rules, and from what I could see adhered to them nicely as we were there for a unified purpose to elect our party leadership for the next two years.

Which brings me to most amazing occurrence that has to my knowledge has not been reported to the public at all. We were all gathered on that day not to see and hear President Trump, although it was a nice perk. Not to rub elbows with our fellow Republicans even though it is always great to see everyone. And as much as I like food and swag that was not the reason for the meeting. No, we were there to have an election!

Yes elections are commonplace in our nation. However, in the past few years election integrity has been front and center in the minds of our citizens. Whatever one’s party affiliation is we can all agree on a few things when it comes to elections. We all want fair elections, and that means one vote for one legal voter. It also means that people who aren’t legal to vote do not get a ballot. It means that the votes are accurately counted in an aboveboard and transparent way. Finally, it means the results are given in a timely fashion.

The New Hampshire State Republican Committee modeled this all to perfection! First, every single person there has to show a legal picture I.D. that was checked against a directory for being legal to enter the voting area. Once confirmed they were credentialed so there was no confusion as to who anyone was. All voting members had an Orange pass. (probably not a necessary step at the polls as once the ID is confirmed you immediately receive a ballot and go and vote.) Next, when the time came to vote we were given a ballot and instructed how to fill it out. We then filled out our ballots. We then placed them into a secure box. That box then taken to a secure area and was then opened by honorable people assigned with the responsibility of hand counting the ballots. There were people from both sides present, and a second person also counted the ballots to corroborate the results. The totals were taken, and then the winners were announced.

Yes, it is just that simple! So, when you are voting for a Representative or a Senator, or a Governor in the future, just remember that election integrity, transparency, and security are what Republicans are all about.

Gregg Hough.

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