Bastion First Look: Donald Trump in NH to begin the FITN Primary Season (Video)

New Hampshire’s First in the Nation (FITN) Republican Primary for the 2024 presidential campaign has officially started. President Donald Trump was the featured speaker at the New Hampshire Republican State Committee Annual Meeting today in Salem.

Photo by Ronnie Abbott

As expected, he was enthusiastically received by the gathered GOP committee members where he spoke to the issues that continue to find much support among Republicans, including, immigration, open borders, energy independence, China policy, Congressional term limits, and military strength.

Photo by Ronnie Abbott

He spoke of the ineptitude of the present administration and discussed the botched Afghanistan withdrawal at great length. He also touched on the exploding crisis of deadly drugs like fentanyl and similar substances. Trump detailed the folly of shutting down domestic energy in favor of so-called renewable energy goals that don’t work. One oft-repeated line President Trump used to characterize the Democrats in Washington and their ongoing failed initiatives and policies was, that with them– every day is “April Fools Day.”

You can view the complete speech for yourself below. While today was a closed event for party members only, President Trump promises he will be back to New Hampshire many times between now and the primary. And we all know he keeps his word, so stay tuned…

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