New House Speaker off to a good start!

Whenever there is a change in leadership in any organization there is both excitement and trepidation. On the one hand the excitement builds as we say goodbye to the old and in many cases a problematic administration, looking forward to seeing things “done right”. Trepidation as there have been many times in the past we have discovered the new is just a continuation of the old.

We can begin to lean into excitement as the new Speaker Of The House, Kevin McCarthy bounced two wildly incompetent and malicious house Democrats from the House Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell both of the peoples republic of California have had a free pass because of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to create as much damage as a member of congress can. However that stops now.

Swalwell’s claim to fame you may recall was not only gross incompetence but he also posed a serious security threat to the United States as he was involved with a Chinese Spy named fang fang while sitting on the House Intelligence Committee. He literally was sleeping with a communist Chinese spy, and even when outed the former House Speaker (who had a Chinese spy as a driver for many years) kept him on the committee.

Schiff has been a laughing stock, and a verifiable liar to the American People. His reign of deceit includes the entire Trump Russia Collusion lie. The impeachment of President Trump. The quid pro quo travesty of Trump and the Ukraine, and those are just a couple of his more well known antics.

Although the damage that these two have done may never be fully un-done. It is at least for the time being ceased. It must be noted that who ever has the majority in the House of Representatives gets to assign committee members. The Democrats must never be allowed to regain House majority because it is certain that these two chuckle heads will be back to continue their destruction of our Country.

The best part of McCarthy’s move is his quote, “Integrity matters more.” For far too long the Democrats place people in positions of power not because they are qualified, but for almost any other reason, and when it comes to House Intelligence Integrity is of the most importance so the security of our nation isn’t compromised.

Bravo Mr. Speaker!

Gregg Hough

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