Democrats Ask: Do You Walk to Work, or Carry a Lunch?

Wait, what? That question makes no sense. Of course not, but, honestly, it’s been a long time since most of them have made any sense at all- you’d have to go back to JFK for that.

Consider this Tweet from NH House Democrats:

I’m trying to figure out what makes ANY sense in the point that is being made here. First of all, the price of eggs. We all know that the price of EVERYTHING is exploding thanks to Bidenflation. Last I checked, prices are exploding on every good, service, and commodity purchased. In no small thanks to Democrat energy policies and rulings, the costs for electricity and fuel, which basically transports and makes the things we buy, has risen dramatically since Trump left office. Eggs are but one product not left immune to these driving factors. (OK- I know, avian flu and all that- yeah right)

When you read the Democrat press release in full, it seemingly confounds logic. Aside from the egg pricing comment, they act as if every child that is currently in any system outside the government schools is somehow from a wealthy family and therefore should be barred from receiving any public education funds.

The EFA voucher program was touted as an opportunity for students who are not succeeding in public school, at a substantial savings to property taxpayers. But that is not how the program was written. Instead of simply providing options to public school students and reducing taxpayer obligation in the process, New Hampshire’s EFA program was opened to those already in private education, who had previously cost the state nothing.

In just two years, the EFA voucher program has increased spending over $23 million, with more than 75% of those funds going to households already in private education. This legislation seeks to re-focus the program to its intended purpose – ‘school choice,’ and end the unsustainable subsidies for those who already made the decision to attend and pay for private school.

Democrat Office Press Release

I am confused — They think that if a child is “not succeeding in public school” and gets a voucher to leave and enter an alternative education program it provides a “substantial savings to property taxpayers.” Meanwhile, a child that is already NOT in the government school somehow DOESN’T? Color me confused…

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