Trump to be Keynote Speaker at annual NHGOP Meeting

Photo provided by Sue Higgins

It has been confirmed that at the NHGOP Annual Meeting to be held this Saturday in Salem the 45th President of the United States and 2024 Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump will be the keynote speaker.

Fox News reports that NHGOP Chairman Steven Stepanek was quoted as saying “we are excited to welcome President Trump back to the Granite State to be the keynote speaker at our 2023 Annual Meeting.”

Belknap County Republican Committee Chairman Gregg Hough released the following statement to the Bastion,

“Belknap County Republicans will be well represented at the NHGOP annual meeting, and having President Trump as the keynote speaker shows the importance of retaining New Hampshires first in the nation status for presidential primaries.”

The event is closed to the public, and only credentialed members of the NH Republican State Committee are to attend the event. Among other business, New Hampshire Republicans will be deciding on platform amendments and the election of new party leadership.

The Beaver.

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