Rust Never Sleeps, and Neither do Democrats who want your Guns…

New Hampshire House Democrats and rust have a lot in common. When it comes to eroding things neither rust nor NH Democrats ever sleep. New Hampshire has and continues to enjoy some of the least restrictive gun control laws in the Nation. One and perhaps the most important of these benefits is New Hampshire year after year is statistically one of the safest states in the union.

According to the CDC the leading cause of death in NH is Cancer, the drug deaths due to overdose is 30.3 per 100,000. The deaths due to covid is 14 per 100,000, firearm injury and deaths is 8.9 per 100,000. Finally homicides are 0 per 100,000. What this says is that homicides by firearms is statistically 0.

Now statistics fluctuate, and the 0 isn’t really 0, it’s just that there are not enough to count it as 1 of 100,000. The point is that here in NH we have laws that work for NH. There are no stats that indicate a need for restrictive legislation. In fact we have all seen that throughout the country the places that have the most restrictive gun laws have the highest crime and homicide rates by far.

NH Democrats have never been a group that likes reality much, especially when it contradicts their narratives or agenda. In typical fashion NH House Democrats have put forth legislation (again) to take away your gun rights. These bills and others like them are the same bills they put forth year after year, House session after House session. They never stop and if the day comes that the House has a Democrat majority, these fundamental constitutional rights to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed will be trampled upon.

Luckily NH has had Republican Governor Chris Sununu whose unwavering support of our constitutional right to keep and bear arms has kept the Democrats at bay when the house falls to Democrat control.

We as the people of New Hampshire can’t afford to play “Russian roulette” with our constitutional rights. The Democrats jump on social issues to attempt to win elections, but it is their goal to strip you of your rights. Republicans continue to fight for your rights, freedoms, and the NH advantage.

  • HB59-fn – Requiring a background check prior to any commercial firearm sale
  • HB76 – Imposing a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm
  • HB32-fn- Relative to possession or discharge of a firearm in a safe school zone

Typically, Democrats call these bills “common sense” gun laws, and they attempt to appeal to everyone’s sense of decency. Let’s face it, what type of monster would be against a background check, or a waiting period, and nobody would ever want a firearm being fired any where need our children in our schools. However, all these things are already in place.

Background checks are already necessary, and once the background check has been passed there is no need for a waiting period. Therefore, unconstitutional. There are many laws either Federal, State, and Local that prohibit firearms in school zones, so basically this bill would make it “illegal-er”.

All of these bills have been introduced time and time again, but sooner or later if the Democrats get their nose under the tent, they will not stop on the assault to your right to defend yourself, your family, and your property.

Gregg Hough


  1. Gregg,
    Your presentation is misleading. NH does not laws requiring background checks or waiting periods. The background checks performed in NH are due to the federal law requiring them for all commercial sales. Also ignoring private sales like this bill (HB59-fn) being proposed does as well. I assume you are referring to the wait time incurred by the federal background check which can be completed in an hour or a few days depending on how much you moved around the state and nation. HB76 simply makes efforts to reduce homicide and suicide. HB32-fn further defines schools and the perimeter of 1000 feet.
    You are correct “Let’s face it, what type of monster would be against a background check, or a waiting period, and nobody would ever want a firearm being fired any where need our children in our schools”
    What are your thoughts on Hon. Jason Gerhard’s bills; HB144 & HB512-fn? He wants to give guns back to felons and prevent federal laws from impacting NH gun laws. No more background checks or random waiting periods if his bill passes!

    I love Stats, it was my favorite class in graduate school. The CDC is a wealth of information. Made me sit down and make a pretty chart. Cut & Paste is not working so well in this format so I’ll highlight my take aways. I looked at MA, NY, CA & IL. Thats Boston, NYC, LA, SF & Chicago, all democrat states/cities. I also looked at the highest, 2nd highest and lowest rates for all your categories listed. I did add Death by Suicide as well.

    Leading cause of death is either Cancer or heart disease for all states I mentioned.
    I did look at whether suicide was in the top 10, for NH it’s #9. It did not make the list in MA, NY, CA or IL.
    Did you know that a waiting period can significantly reduce suicide by gun?

    NH’s rate of suicide death is 16.5, that is HIGHEST among the states I specifically looked up. IL was 10.5, MA is 8.4, NY 8.0 and CA is 10. The highest two states are WV 30.5 & AK 27.5. NJ is actually the lowest at 7.1.

    For Covid deaths in 2022 is 14 as you reported, less than MA & NY but higher than CA & IL. The two highest were AK 27.6 & KY 26.3 with lowest being NE at 8.6.

    Death by overdose was quite a sad one. WV suffered a rate of 81.1 deaths by OD with KY at 49.2. SD had the lowest drug related deaths in 2020 at 10.3. MA came in at 33.9, just above our 30.3 which was the second highest out of the states I looked at. Everyone else was 28.1 and lower.

    Homicide rates are interesting as well. NH and VT are the two states at a rate of 0 for 2020, both having 14 deaths by homicide. MA was 2.7, NY was 4.7, CA was 6.1 and IL came in at 11.2. The highest two states for death by homicide in 2020 was MS at 20 and LA (not the city) at 19.

    Now deaths by firearms, your intended point for the article: NH was at 8.9 for 2020 and IL came in at 14. Meanwhile MA was at 2.7, NY had a rate of 4.7, and CA was at 8.5 for 2020 for firearm deaths. The highest two were MS at 28.6 and LA (again not the city) at 26.3. Happy HI was the lowest at 3.4.

    It all looks so pretty in my chart and clearly demonstrates how common-sense gun reform can reduce both suicide and deaths by firearms.
    I colored KY, LA and VT purple due to their state government party affiliations. The highest states in all death rates you mentioned are republican legislatures.

    May I suggest we look at educational bills next? Mental fitness is an evidenced based method for the prevention of many causes of death, criminal behavior, hospitalizations, while also increasing social skills, emotional self-regulation, education and career outcomes. It reduces the stigma of mental health and can reduce medical costs. SEL is a mental fitness program designed for school curriculums, social emotional learning is not indoctrination.

    Happy to enlighten and engage with the Bastian today.

    Keri Ricci


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