Alan Glassman Seeks Reelection for NHGOP Treasurer

[Editor’s Note: The Bastion is sharing this for our readers’ information only. This does NOT constitute an endorsement. We will be featuring other candidate information in the coming days.]

Alan Glassman Seeks Reelection for NHGOP Treasurer

Jan and Alan Glassman

Greetings to all of my fellow Republican State Committee members. My name is Alan Glassman. I was Assistant Treasurer for 2 years and now Treasurer for 2 years, and am running for re-election.  The requirements of the position of treasurer entail keeping track of income and expenses, supplies, and payroll for staffers vs the NHGOP budget, and presenting the Treasurer’s Report at the monthly Executive Committee meeting. As part of that report, included is announcing where we stand in relation to the NH GOP budget, bringing attention to excellent results as well as matters that need to be addressed such as the need to raise more funds for our candidates.  The position of Treasurer requires filing monthly financial NH state reports as well as monthly, quarterly, and annual FEC reports.  Jim MacEachern is the Assistant Treasurer, and he and I have worked as a team to check each other’s work.  I’m pleased to report that all financial reports have been accurate and submitted on time.  In contrast, this year several county and city committees, as well as many candidates running for office, have not filed their financial reports that were due many months ago. The Secretary of State and the Attorney General have ordered all of them to submit their past due financial reports immediately to avoid action against them. 

Background: I majored in economics and political science in college. I have enjoyed a 35 year career in the financial services insurance industry, designing and developing financial software for our customers.  The many years in the financial services industry leaves me well qualified to be the NH GOP Treasurer.  In addition to my background serving in the position of NHGOP Treasurer, I have been very active in the Republican Party for many years. I served as the Area 5 Vice Chair for four 2 year terms, and then went on to lead as the Chair of the Belknap County Republican Committee for five consecutive 2-year terms.  I’m known for spearheading the very popular annual Mount Washington Cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee, which has long been an iconic event in support of many of our Republican candidates running for office.  I live in Barnstead and am in my 10th year on the town budget committee and my 10th year as the Citizen Representative on the Board of Directors for a 4-town Recycling facility.  I’m a veteran, having served in the Army Reserve in military security and am also well known as the photographer at many NH GOP events for the last 14 years.

I ask all of my fellow NHGOP State Committee members for your vote for reelection as NH GOP Treasurer at the upcoming January 28th Annual Meeting.

Alan Glassman & Tennessee Senator Marcia Blackburn

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