Dawn Johnson Announces Candidacy for NHGOP Treasurer

[Editor’s Note: The Bastion is sharing this for our readers’ information only. This does NOT constitute an endorsement. We will be featuring other candidate information in the coming days.]

Dawn Johnson announces candidacy for NHGOP Treasurer

Hello friends, I would like to introduce myself. I am the Honorable Dawn Johnson and I am running for NHGOP Treasurer and would love for you to consider me for this role.

I have a vast background that qualifies me for this position. I graduated from the former NH College (SNHU) in 1999 with a degree in accounting and have been in the industry in a number of various positions since high school. I own and operate a small bookkeeping business with a stated goal of helping small businesses in my local community.  I’m a true New Hampshire woman, living here year round for decades and never planning on going anywhere else.

I served last session as a New Hampshire State Representative for the people of Laconia and have received a perfect 100% on the House Republican Alliance Scorecard as well as an “A” rating on the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance Liberty Rating for my time in office. I am also the current treasurer of the Lakes Region Federated Republican Women’s Club, an organization I am so proud to be a member of that encourages and empowers women to grow their participation in our local politics.

As an accountant, I believe in balanced budgets and working with a championship team to get the results needed to be open and accountable to our constituents and work as an exceptional steward of their tax dollars. Ultimately, this belief in accountability will translate into keeping our strong Republicans contingency in office.  

I stand by the Bill of Rights and I am a firm defender of the Constitution and what our founding fathers had in mind for our great country when writing these important documents.  

The Republican party is the party of anti-slavery. Instead of saddling people with a neverending handout cycle, making them dependent on government, I side with the belief that helping others requires their buy-in. In other words, we want to push for a world where we provide a hand-up not simply a hand-out.  I will work with the NHGOP Leadership team to have positive, popular, and most importantly profitable fundraisers. I propose that we would want our expenses to be no more than 25%, preferably less, for each fundraiser.  The funds that are received through donations will need to be used to directly support our Republican candidates. They are the backbone of our organization, and they need our help more than anyone to win. Further, I am firmly in support of our First In The Nation Primary

I would like to work with each county committee and see what works best for each, to ensure we supply the best possible support to get their Republican candidates elected to office.  I don’t believe that one size will fit all, and I’m willing to do the work to ensure we’re receiving the feedback we need to direct them and assist them in the best way that NHGOP can.

I hope to build a team worthy of your approval, to get there I’ll need your support. I have no doubt that you will be more than pleased with the job I do and can guarantee that I will remain loyal to Republican ideals as is expected in any leader of such an organization.

I ask you for your vote and to please share my information with any of those individuals who are attending the vote on January 28 in Salem.
Dawn Johnson

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