Richard Littlefield – The BCRC Needs Your Help!

Richard Littlefield joins us as a longtime member of the BCRC, but his statements do not necessarily represent those of the Executive Committee of the BCRC.

In solidarity with the newly minted Belknap County Republican Committee leadership this is not going to be my usual pointed piece, instead this is a call to action.

As of April the BCRC bank account sat at just a little less than $20,000.00, and now currently sits at $3500.00 during a period of transition.

Now don’t get me wrong, the BCRC has not always been flush with cash. I remember some years ago when there was less than the 3500 we have now, but times have changed.

As most of you know Citizens For Belknap became front page news in the city of Laconia for the midterm election.

They were noticed heavily not just for their spattering of political signs referring to Republicans as “Radical”, but they brought in more than 30k in a short amount of time which is alot of money to be spent on a midterm election in a city of less than 17,000 people.

Belknap County had really good conservative candidates running like Gregg Hough, Harry Bean, Dawn Johnson, Doug Trottier, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Paul Terry, Mike Bordes, Travis O’Hara, Tim Lang, and Nikki McCarter most of which won and kept the delegation majority republican, but that was on their merit as candidates, not how much money was spent on bought votes.

Even though we put forward a great slate of candidates it does take money to put together and run successful campaigns.

Political signs, advertising, stipends for election day volunteers, renting space for election events gets to be very pricey, and in this economy under this administration even the good things are no longer free.

Fortunately as a party we can counter the opposition, but we need help from the everyday patriots that suffer under the thumb of bad decisions and greed.

We need help from those of you who are sick and tired of being let down by politicians who talk a great game but can’t find it in themselves to come through in the end.

The BCRC needs your help!

As a public servant that made it his business to keep promises, I feel confident that I can make you some iron clad promises today.

1. Gregg Hough, Doug Lambert, Paul Lange, Priscilla Bean and Bill Wright will always tell you how it is, and tell the truth.

2. The BCRC will not turn you away over an unsigned piece of paper. If you’re a Republican you are welcome wholeheartedly.

3. The BCRC will be proactive in its election efforts long before the 11th hour.

4. Most importantly you will be able to come to meetings and feel like family.

To you the current and incoming members we need a few things. . .

1. Attendance at monthly meetings, with weather and health permitting.

2. Election day participation whether it be holding signs, poll challenging, or driving the disabled to the polls so they can participate in the process.

3. We are not asking for large sums of monetary help, but we all know this process costs money and ask that you give what you can, so when election season 2024 rolls around Belknap County Republicans are on the same page and even ground with Democrats.

It will be a distinct pleasure to roll up my sleeves and get to work with the BCRC Executive Committee to grow membership which is happening as we speak, and work with committee patriots to make 2024 a big success.

It’s going to be tough, but we are tough!

Please join me in this fight.

For Freedom.

For Conservatism.

For Family.

For our constitutional rights.

Hon. Richard Littlefield

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