Bastion First Look – Belknap County Republicans’ New Leadership Team Takes The Helm

Filed by Arthur Vandelay Sr., Freelance Bastion Investigative Reporter

After several stormy months and hand-wringing within the Belknap County Republican Committee (BCRC), a new leadership team has been selected.

Members of the county’s Republican State Committee (chosen at last month’s caucus) gathered last evening and selected a new leadership team to guide Belknap County Republicans for the next two years.

The Honorable Gregg Hough of Laconia will Chair the five member executive committee. Doug Lambert, who also chairs the Gunstock Area Commission, is the Vice-Chair. Paul Lange of Belmont is the new Treasurer. Priscilla Bean returns for another term as Secretary. Rounding out the group is Belknap County Sheriff Bill Wright, who was selected by the General Members in attendance for the At-Large position.

Following the vote, the new Executive Committee took their seats and Chairman Hough made the following points:

Our objectives as the BCRC are focused on

  • Being a welcoming and inclusive group 
  • Expanding membership
  • Seeking the return of those who have stepped away
  • Engaging in youth and young adult outreach
  • Projecting overall positivity
  • Build an organization that makes people WANT to be participants
  •  Attract quality candidates that people will enthusiastically vote for in future elections
  • Fundraising to meet the objectives

He further spoke to the work at hand that will feature a transition period for the group. This will include the financial matters, bylaw changes that will address ongoing membership concerns, as well as managing the BCRC website and Social Media pages.

It followed with some general discussion on items of concern as the BCRC moves forward. One person present tells The Bastion that they found everyone in the room to be generally positive and optimistic and eager to dig in and help.

BCRC Executive Committee. L to R: Vice Chair Doug Lambert; Chairman Gregg Hough; Secretary Priscilla Bean; Treasurer Paul Lange and At-Large Member Bill Wright [Ronnie Abbott Photo]

Arthur Vandelay Sr. is the retired founder of Vandelay Industries, world-famous importers of fine latex. He spends his time as a freelance investigative reporter and is an occasional contributor to The Bastion. He can frequently be found hanging out at the Beaver Lodge.


  1. I’m not going to defend the previous board, it was time for a change, but I find it disheartening that Hough and Lambert were selected as leadership. Both adopted the tactics of the Alinsky Left when things didn’t go their way. Hough trying to drag the Weirs Times editor into his vendetta. Lambert lying about Strang (still waiting to hear how he ‘violated’ his oath of office’) and whipping up the cancel mob. Playing footsie with Citizens for Belknap. I don’t expect 100% ideological purity on all matters but stabbing a fellow Republican in the back in this manner shouldn’t be rewarded with a leadership position. I guess I just don’t have the stomach for politics.

    Would be nice for Republicans to be as ruthless in their dealings with Democrats but I won’t hold my breath.


    • You’ve misconstrued both accounts above. There is no vendetta, and no lie. And there was NO footsie with C4B. Some of the Republicans in positions to do so could have fixed the Gunstock mess early in the game, but chose not to do so.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I have to say I agree with you. The old board, too often was a bit old school and reactive versus proactive. But some of this new leadership seems more like a political coup than a new (or better) approach.

      As for CFB, this group did bow to CFB, along with all of the “purple checkmark RINOs” that now run the delegation. Watch how fast “Reasonable and Responsible” turns into higher county taxes…or their master will turn them into “Red X’s.”


      • Nope, own the domain and was loaning it out. Thanks for the reminder to take the forward off.


      • Letting someone use an inactive domain for their campaign doesn’t make me that person. Maybe you should ask her yourself (I think she reads Granite Grok so you’ll have to call her). Plus, this is rich coming from someone who hides behind Beaverslap and goes after people with false information.


    • The website shows up right underneath their post. You’re offended about it because you’re a coward hiding behind a fake profile as well. Confirms that you’re a delicate one, but we don’t have kid gloves around here for people who talk big but are too afraid to stand up for their own thoughts.


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