The Bastion PSA: It Takes Good People

There’s a multitude of problems affecting those that live among us in our local society. Often, you open the paper or logon to the local news site and you’re left shaking your head. From the “Florida Man” stories to the coverage of how parts of our country don’t really resemble what you know of as “America” anymore. The old story was, it can’t happen here, but if you’re paying attention around town it’s already happening here. Are you fed up with what is currently going on in our schools, from divisive concepts to consistent bullying and the lackluster results, there’s certainly a lot on the table to be concerned with. Are you tired of walking through Rotary Park and instinctively clutching your wallet in fear? This “City on the Rise” needs a new set of leadership, and you know it. Are you finally ready to step up and are you looking for a way to help?

This coming election cycle we have two major openings for positions that will need a couple of good people to take the helm. The first being the Ward 5 School Board seat and the second being the Mayor of this city.

Here at The Bastion, we have many knowledgeable people with experience who are looking to help you get elected. In conjunction with the Laconia Republican Committee, we’re looking to help good people fill these seats.

What we are looking for:





Vision for the city

Freedom first

Some political background

Willingness to put your best efforts into fixing this city





Focus on individual freedom

Focus on increasing the success rate of our children, setting them up for the world around them

How we at The Bastion can help:

Social media strategies seminar: We’ll take you in and under the wing of experienced politicians, help you recruit a street team, and activate campaign managers to help you wrangle in those opinions of yours and be able to actively and selectively word your statements and public persona for success.

Access to mentors in the political sphere: Many State Representatives and other former candidates are here at the ready for you and to prepare you for what the Democrats have in store. There’s lots of dirty tricks they like to pull, we know these tricks and will help you overcome them.

Ability to spread your message to our readers: The Bastion has a decent reach, but we’re not alone in helping get your message out. The Bastion works with conservative press and organizations such as New Hampshire GOP and the Laconia Republican Committee in order to help reflect the spin, and help you to direct your message in the best way to strike the root of evil.

Professional headshots for advertisements, mailers. We can also help you create Facebook profiles, Google SEO, creating your websites, and put you in touch with friendly outlets to have your message seen, the way you want it to be.

Interested in making the next step?

Reach out to and we’ll help get the ball rolling

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