Chris Ager Announces Candidacy For NHGOP Chairman

[Editor Note: The Bastion is sharing this for our readers’ information only. This does NOT constitute an endorsement. We will be featuring other candidate information in the coming days.]

Chris Ager Announces Candidacy for NHGOP Chairman

AMHERST, NH – Today, Chris Ager released this statement announcing his candidacy to be
Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“I am excited to announce my candidacy for Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.
I have and will continue to fight to protect our First in the Nation Primary and tirelessly
advocated for our principles of lower taxes, smaller government, individual responsibility, and
local control as outlined in the platform. As we approach 2024, it is imperative we unite as a
party behind these conservative principles and continue to build a well-oiled machine focused
on achieving electoral success.”

Chris Ager is an Army Veteran and current Republican National Committeeman for New
Hampshire and Hillsborough County Republican Committee Chairman.

Contact: Joshua Whitehouse, (603) 497-7091

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