Melissa Blasek – RebuildNH Exposes Sununu Whitewashing of COVID-19 Response

Guest Post by Melissa Blasek

Yesterday, Governor Chris Sununu was sworn in for his fourth term. His inaugural speech (watch the video here) was laughable in its lack of self-awareness. Among other things, he claimed that New Hampshire “said no to mandates,” “puts individuals ahead of the system,” “kept the lights on” when other states shut down businesses and more. He even claimed that they “threw politics out the window” and “followed the data” regarding COVID-19 policy.

Governor Sununu’s memory seems to be as short as Joe Biden’s these days. He hilariously even claimed: “It’s not right to tell a private business what they can or cannot do.” That’s apparently only true when it fits his authoritarian agenda – because he spent MONTHS telling private businesses what to do. Down to the minutia. We have the receipts. Check out our thread exposing Sununu’s hypocrisy: 

In addition to the anti-science statewide mask mandate, Sununu . . .

Governor, it’s time to make amends for your poor decisions, bending to federal bureaucratic pressure
and buckling to public panic.

It’s time for humility and grace rather than lies and distortions to whitewash your past actions.

The People of New Hampshire deserve to move forward knowing that these bad actions against a free people will never be perpetrated again, and the only way that happens is to humbly acknowledge your mistakes
and ask for forgiveness from the People.

Melissa Blasek is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire. She has a background in music and operates a small business as a music instructor in voice, guitar, piano, at her home in Merrimack. She is a former State Representative. She serves as the Director of RebuildNH

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