Gregg Hough with ‘The House Beat’

Coming into the New Hampshire legislative session for 2023, we here at The Bastion agree that we definitely should be keeping a close eye on what happens in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Specifically, how our Belknap County Representatives cast their votes on important bills brought before them. As you know, the stakes are higher than ever, and the margin of victory couldn’t get much more slim. We will need those elected Representatives that are on our side in the house, and with their butts in the seats ready to defend our way of life.

Not every bill will have a Roll Call vote, but those that do will give us a measure of accountability for our Representatives. Not every bill will be worth taking the time to delve into, as many of the bills are procedural, some are housekeeping, and some are simply just the normal business of running the state. Generally, we won’t waste your time or ours to cover those, as anyone can research those votes by visiting the New Hampshire General Court website.

Here at The Bastion, we will seek out the real bills of interest. They can be of many different types but all will be of interest to our readers, an intelligent lot that you are. Our goal with The House Beat will be to not engage in speculation, spin, or declaring whether or not a vote is good or bad. We simply will show you the information, the votes of your Representatives, and leave it all to you to decide.

In the very first House session of the 2023-2024 term we had the members decide on the rules of the body. One rule amendment we found of interest was House Rule 58. This would be to remove the word “Prayer” from the house rules and replace it with “Invocation.”

This bill failed 183 yea / 190 nay.

Here are your Belknap County Representatives’ votes in no particular order:

  1. Bogert – Nay
  2. Bordes – Nay
  3. Coker – Yea
  4. Huot – Yea
  5. St.Clair – Yea
  6. Bean – Nay
  7. Beaudoin – Nay
  8. Dumais – Nay
  9. Nagel – Yea
  10. Ploszaj – Nay
  11. Harvey-Bolia – Nay
  12. Smart – Nay
  13. Trottier – Not voting / Excused
  14. O’Hara – Not voting / Not Excused
  15. McCarter – Nay
  16. Comtois – Nay
  17. Terry – Nay
  18. Varney – Nay

Moving forward, we’d love to hear your input. Soon, The House Beat will be sectioned off on the top of TheBastion.News website so you can get right to it when you’re interested. Certainly, though we offer these bills up with no nonsense and no spin, we’d certainly love to hear your opinions on the matters at hand. Many of our regular crew of Columnists are sure to delve into them as well. As always, your opinion matters and we’d love for you to opine.

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