Richard Littlefield – Now Is the Time For Good People to Come to the Aid of State and Country

Guest Post by Hon. Richard Littlefield

For the last two years Democrats have been able to put alot of traction toward an ultra progressive vision of what the United States should be.

School systems throughout the country are getting more hectic, and problems like bullying and drug use are getting worse every day.

Kids are being subjected to sexuality and other adult themes before they can create articulated sentences or tie their own shoes.

Ultra progressive liberals in Washington DC have had this time to not only rejoice in the fact that conservative views and voices have been censored and banned, but they have had a seat at the table with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (Zuckerbucks) and Jack Dorsey, the former owner of Twitter. 

The IRS has been weaponized against anyone making less than 400 thousand dollars, which we were all told would not be the case- yeah right! A cursory look back on history reveals that the tax system- from the very beginning of time- has ALWAYS hit the poor and middle class hardest and most importantly, first. This instance of political overreach will be no different.

Thanks to billionaires (you know that class of people Democrats vow to destroy), battle ground states that lead straight to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have adopted new election strategies that are supposed strengthen elections, but rather, have had the opposite effect.

In Arizona their vaunted and double trusted voting machines didn’t work in 1 out of every 5 polling locations causing inexcusably long lines and forced thousands to give up out of frustration or visit multiple polling locations in order to cast a ballot.

But don’t worry- box # 3 was there for usage!

Arizona is not the only highly contested state that showed glaring deficiencies in their elections.

California, under Gavin Newsom, set a date for the forced end of fossil fuels, which will be a day for climate justice warriors to jump and shout with glee. while major businesses and those who cannot afford a Tesla or some other EV fall into complete and utter despair.

China continues to buy farm land America needs to survive.

Our leaders have sent over 100 billion dollars, along with pricey defence systems to Ukraine, while poverty, homelessness, mental health and other concerns continue to plague OUR COUNTRY.

You would think that with the near certainty that Kevin McCarthy is going to be the next House Speaker, alternatives would start to take shape, and wrongs would start getting fixed. Think again!

With old man Joe in the White House and Schumer still controlling the Senate, nothing of importance like lowering taxes or installing major (or even minor) pieces of a conservative platform will be done- at least in the first year thanks to the last 1.7 trillion dollars congress just spent.

So how do we start to take back America?

It starts with school boards, city council’s and mayors.

Conservatives need to serve on school boards, or become school teachers, principals, or guidance counselors, so perhaps proven and battle tested traditions can return to the classroom.

Conservatives need to invest and build corporations that start working to re-instill the values that made our country what it was before progressive ideology was allowed to take over.

It begins with public servants who understand this country is exceptional, and believe in hard work first and foremost- running for State Representative, and State Senate positions.

It starts with Governors who won’t straddle the political fences waiting for the next head wind of toutable successes to come from either major party.

Most importantly, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians absolutely must come together with a strong and positive message of unity and a revival of American spirit and strength- something that Democrats don’t have themselves and refuse to acknowledge for fear of hurting somebody’s feelings and steering from their current unsustainable course.

Let’s start taking back our towns, cities and countries in 2023, so by the time 2024 comes around a solid foot hole would have already been made and we can fight for our children, our schools, our trusted institutions and our families.

This is a hill worth dying on.

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