So What’s the problem?

The problem isn’t that Berry Charles Laughton Jr. Suffers from gender dysphoria. Nor is the problem that he changed his name to Stacie so he may live a life of his choosing. The problem isn’t any of those sorts of things. The problems that former DEMOCRAT Representative Laughton has to deal with in his day to day life, simply are his to deal with, and of no concern to anyone but Laughton.

I truly hope that he finds the help he needs and can deal with any issues he may have.

The problem as I see it, does not rest on the individual, as who among us does not have difficulties either real or perceived that challenge us on a daily basis. Some folks battle drug addiction, others may have violent streaks, and the list goes on and on.

The problem is the left’s selling of identity politics and how our society is willing to buy into it, that leads us down the path of insanity that cripples our ability to govern ourselves effectively.

This is the legacy that is pure leftist ideology. Laughton is just the latest and a local example of the failure of this type of philosophy. Identity politics is the problem here as the Democrats put forth a candidate to serve in NH House of Representatives the law making body of the state solely on the minority boxes that could be checked off as opposed to looking at the persons character and accomplishments.

There is no need for me to re-hash the extensive rap sheet on Laughton, that seems to begin around 2012 when he resided in Laconia, NH. It is not hard to find and if you’re interested you can search for yourself. And that is my point here. The left and those who believe in it’s ideology are not concerned with the individual, they are concerned with what group they can put you into and identify you as good or bad or discriminated against based on how fashionable your group identity is currently.

A simple google search would have revealed that Laughton is not fit, nor has ever been fit to hold public office. The left doesn’t care about character, look at the current group of inept characters on our federal government’s payroll. None of these people are there because they are the most qualified for the jobs, they are there because they are of color or gay or female or a combination of boxes to be checked off.

Throughout history, tyrants, royals, kings, queens, czars, chairmen, ayatollah’s and whatever else you want to call them have substituted reason, logic and true science for the whims, folly and fancy of the ruling class. For a historical reference one need only look at the period call the DARK AGES, 500 years of absolute depravity and misery. Once people began to seek truth and justice the dark ages moved into the period call the ENLIGHTENMENT.

Would you want the pilot of your next flight to be in the cockpit because they are extremely qualified to pilot the aircraft or because they read sexual stories in drag to our school children? Do you want an extensively qualified and experience doctor to perform open heart surgery on you or would you like someone who got into med school with terrible grades and a low aptitude for medical procedures simply because the dean of admissions needed a gay, latino, transgender islander who identifies as a cat to attend the cardiac wing of the school? If this practice would be disastrous and unacceptable in the air or on the operating table why then do we put up with it when choosing our government leaders?

Thankfully Laughton has resigned. My final thought, is this. Until we leap forward and embrace the words and ideals of this country’s founders and other giants of our nation like the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said it best when he said, “judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.” we may soon be ushering in the next chapter of the dark ages….

The Beaver.

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