Better Off Mute

As we (thankfully) approach the end of 2022, the upcoming New Year promises yet more wokeness and outright insanity. Witness the latest from one of America’s “top” universities in which they offer “helpful” suggestions in the usage of certain words and phrases in daily discussion. After all, in our “enlightened” times, we must always be on the lookout lest we offend some poor soul… From Stanford University:

Apparently, you are either BRAVE or INSANE if you are an AMERICAN uncaring enough to be a USER of such language without putting forth a TRIGGER WARNING in the speech disclaimer. I mean, c’mon, are YOU GUYS intentionally BEATING A DEAD HORSE by clinging to your insensitive, hurtful talk? YOU GUYS really need to be aware of the pain you might cause, especially if someone was to WALK-IN mid-conversation…

Honestly, with the New Year upon us, the time to be STUPID is passed. As you know by now, some things are simply unacceptable. For many years now, we have known that if consider yourself a STRAIGHT person, you are in the wrong. Unless you are some SURVIVOR of World War 2 on some island disconnected from the brave new world in which we live, you ought to know better.

So let’s CALL A SPADE A SPADE– we should all be diligent in our attempts to avoid being UPPITY. In this day and age, you might otherwise earn the ire of a WEBMASTER working for our high-tech overlords. You never know when some WHITE HAT HACKER is watching your every move. You might even wake up some morning and find yourself in the news, the subject of a WHITE PAPER exposé !

Hopefully this is a lesson for you, dear reader. While you might view yourself as merely HOLDING DOWN THE FORT in the battle of language in a world of political-correctness, you are only, in fact, contributing to oppression and cold-hearted meanness. The best course of action is to simply SHUT THE F*CK UP. It’s what’s best. For you, and those around you. You can thank me later. A simple nod will do…

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