Richard Littlefield – Do We Really Want McCarthy for Speaker?

The DC GOP has yet another race brewing and it’s not Walker vs Warnock, but instead, one that will decide who is going to be speaker of the newly minted Republican House in January.

Often discussed as the lead contender, long-time Representative Kevin McCarthy has received push back from conservative House members like Andy Biggs, and fire-brands like Matt Gaetz. I can understand where they are coming from.

Most people remember Paul Ryan and the great game he verbally fed to WE THE PEOPLE while simultaneously blocking Republican party ideals from coming to fruition so his brownie points with Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats wouldn’t disappear in the blink of an eye.

Paul Ryan’s decisions have had horrific consequences all these years later: two sham impeachment trials, Obama Care, and one party rule just to name a few.

Before Paul Ryan, Conservatives believed that when they were told the GOP was going to do this or that, it would get done; once again, the GOP leaning population is worried that yet another Republican House Speaker is going to let them down. Unfortunately, I tend to agree, as I see a lot of Paul Ryan in Kevin McCarthy.

Now that the GOP controls the House, years of rules and regulations that allowed for the rise of one party sham politics have to be eliminated and replaced. They MUST do away with ultimate power and bring the people back into play.

I don’t trust that leader McCarthy has it within himself to make a full transformation.

Republicans really don’t want much. Republicans around the country want a House speaker that tells the truth first and foremost. Republicans want a Speaker that doesn’t care about future politics and favor with the minority party when the coin eventually turns.

Republicans want a speaker that wants to get down to the bottom of the crooked misdealings that the former Democratic House has been embroiled in- from insider trading, to working in concert with social media companies to muffle and eliminate any news worthy stories against them from coming to light.

Is Kevin McCarthy the person to do all of that? Representatives like the infamous Marjorie Taylor Greene seem to think so- but I am far from convinced that he will do what he says- and instead end up “much unlike “Mr. I’ll Get to the Bottom of it” Lindsey Graham, or former speaker Paul Ryan.

I guess time will tell if Rep McCarthy will become speaker, and if he will remain committed to the list of things conservatives need, like doing away with earmarks, putting more conservatives on certain committees, to earn their trust to lead a better and more sound Republican party through the Swamp and out to the other side, OUR SIDE, where WE THE PEOPLE stand upset, worried about our country, and demand change.

As a proud American, and former State Representative (for now) who spent two years proudly representing my constituents and keeping my promises without fail, I seriously hope that whoever becomes speaker of the House of Representatives will tell the truth and return the trust that was lost by the people’s house.

If not, we are in for many more years of meaningless rhetoric and the one party rule that Democrats became comfortable with over the last few years.

Richard Littlefield 

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  1. Personally, I think a Rand Paul (for all he’s done) is a winner in this position. We need someone more conservative and more open about their beliefs than guys like the aforementioned.


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