Gregg Hough – Will Congress Treat Our Military People Right?

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As we all know, the media is less than forward when it comes to reporting things of importance over leftist talking points. Quite often we miss important happenings because when given the choice of shedding light on a topic that the left may have been wrong on, or covering the latest installment of “we got Trump now,” they tend to go for the later.

Luckily, I have no problem sharing nice things from time to time. It would appear that the word is on Capitol Hill in Washington, that House Democrats are siding with Republicans and actually going against “the Big Guy” when it comes to the military mandate for receiving the Covid shots.

They are trying to repeal the vaccine mandate. This is great news for our men and women serving in the military. Don’t get too excited as it still would have a long way to go before it comes to fruition, but the shear glimmer of hope is news worthy.

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Here is the question for our lawmakers who choose to advance this excellent policy change. There were many fine and upstanding service personnel who defied the mandates and were discharged from the military for refusing the mandated vaccine. I believe the number is in the neighborhood of 3,400. What, if anything, is going to happen to those folks if this goes through?

These soldiers who have been dismissed with a lack of just cause due to the potential rolling back this policy and thus military leadership could invalidate the importance and the need to punish those who opposed the shots. Do they get their jobs back? Do they get back pay? Do they have their benefits and privileges restored?

If this does go through, and I sincerely hope that it does, to forget those among our finest who were not afraid to stand for their beliefs in the face of injustice to be left shut out and shunned would be as equally shameful as the original banishment was. Perhaps this would be the right time for discussions on real reparations! This is one to keep an eye on…

Gregg Hough is a former New Hampshire State Representative and frequent contributor to The Bastion.

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