Gregg Hough – First In The Nation Primary, Which Side Are You On?

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New Hampshire has enjoyed our first in the nation status for over 100 years when in 1920 we acquired the position. It has always been important to the people of New Hampshire to have this distinction for several reasons. First, as New Hampshire is small in area as well as in population without the interest of being the first in the nation it would soon trivialize our state and it’s role in the presidential selection process. Second, it provides our people the opportunity to see and hear these national candidates live and in person. We get to get up close and personal, as they all come from far and wide to court our votes.

It has become such an important piece of the New Hampshire political landscape that we have codified it into law. It is our law that the Primary be held at least 1 week before any other similar contests. Our Secretary of State has the power to set the date, and typically it is set late so that our status remains intact.

It would appear that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is hellbent on stripping New Hampshire of this prestigious tradition. It would also appear that the reason can be summed up as “Biden 2024”. Back in April we knew that the DNC was clearing the calendar to re-write the primary cycle, and many in the state had a bad feeling as to what that could mean to our “First In The Nation” (FITN) status. All of our Democrat Congressional delegation assured us that they were on top of it, and that the DNC wouldn’t do such a thing to New Hampshire. Except that is exactly what the DNC had in mind, and our Democrat Congressional delegation, of Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster and Pappas did what we have all be accustomed to. NOTHING!

So the original story was that Nevada would either be first or share the date with New Hampshire. Apparently the change actually came from the “Big Guy” as he designated South Carolina to be first in the nation. (Probably had nothing to do with his disastrous showing in NH in 2020 where he pulled a pathetic 3rd place).

Of course the Democrat talking points on why this change must occur is exactly what we have come to expect from the party. We here in New Hampshire have a predominantly white population, therefore we must be all racist. Can’t you all feel the love from our keepers? It is evident to ‘ol Joe that all white New Hampshire didn’t vote for that particular Old White Guy and therefore we must be replaced by a more diverse voter block. Leaves me continually shaking my head.

Not to put too fine a point on the obvious, our voters are generally very good at ferreting out the quality candidates and race has nothing to do with it. This of course is of grave concern to those who hang their hats on identity politics.

Luckily we have a Secretary of State that at least from all indication plans to keep our FITN status, as it is in his power to set the date. Secretary David Scanlan appears to be poised to do what it takes to keep New Hampshire first, and that is good for our economy, our people, and our spirit. Just as the DNC when they don’t get their own way and seek to change all that oppose it, at least in New Hampshire there are not going to be able to fall back on “because I told you so”, as New Hampshire does not follow the beat of someone else’s drum. I suspect this is just the first in a lot of political shenanigans that we will force to deal with in the upcoming election cycle. Considering the late breaking news that the DNC is attempting to force New Hampshire to change its laws to abide by its demands or lose an early primary spot, they’re certainly on the hunt. Shame, that the session for creating new laws and changing current ones has passed.

Looks like we go to war. What side will our New Hampshire Democrat brethren choose? The DNC, or New Hampshire?

Honorable Gregg Hough

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