Greater Lakes Region Childrens Auction

“In 1982, WLNH radio host Warren Bailey responding to the needs of Lakes Region Children and their families, created a two day fund raising broadcast from the WLNH van in front of the Laconia YMCA. They raised $2,100 and collected a number of items to be donated to the “Citizen Santa Fund””

Here we are 40 years later with what we now call the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction has distributed more than $7.5 million to nonprofits in the area.

“In addition to smaller organizations and families helped throughout the years of the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction, annual contributions are given to over 80 community-based organizations that focus on providing support for underserved children in the Lakes Region.  These include: The Boys and Girls Club of the Lakes Region, Laconia Police Relief Association, Health First Family Care of Franklin, Salvation Army, Lakes Region Child Care Services, Mrs. Santa Fund -Alton, St Vincent de Paul, Tapply-Thompson Community Center, Circle Program, Santa Fund, and many more organizations.”

The importance of this auction to me was rooted at young age. My grandfather used to keep the auction on the tv the whole time it was on I can remember sitting there for hours to see the things he had donated pop up of that tv and feel that sense of pride knowing you were about to help make at least 1 other child smile. I am also fond of the memories of my family members running into the room yelling papa papa let’s get that its cool or meme that would look soooo awesome in your Christmas display call them call them.

Ways to donate

Printable donation form

Click to access 2ce764_f80d5e00d32842e1839712134549fa89.pdf

Online donation form

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