Jon DiPietro – The Social Media ROI Tables Have Turned

Guest Post by Jon DiPietro

For years, my opinion was that the ROI for Twitter was too low compared to Facebook. Twitter requires much effort to build an audience, while Facebook had much better tools for extending reach and growing audiences. And they were roughly even in terms of their censorship.


Not anymore. Facebook has continued to degrade its advertising tools and Twitter has been reborn as a free(er) speech platform. It’s still difficult and time-consuming to build an audience on Twitter. However, I now believe it’s going to be worth it. Despite some of the temper tantrums, it is and will remain the platform of choice for politicians and journalists.


We’ve seen more innovation in the past four weeks since Musk bought Twitter than we have in the previous 8 years. In one way it’s astounding but in another way, it’s not. Silicon Valley companies have turned gluttonous and slothy. Musk is returning Twitter back to its startup roots, innovating and pivoting at lightning speed.

My point here is that I predict Twitter is (quickly) going to evolve into a next-generation social network and will become the “hive mind” Musk envisions. It’s actually not that hard and Musk has the brain power and cache to pull it off.


Get on to Twitter. Get good at it. Start growing your audience, influence, and familiarity. I used to tell activists that participation on Facebook was non-negotiable. That just switched to Twitter.

Jon DiPietro is the Founder at Candidate Boot Camp, Digital Marketing Specialist at Liberty Digital Marketing and Co-founder at #CareerGravity He manages the Digital Activism Workgroup NH on Facebook. He lives in Manchester, NH.

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