Richard Littlefield – Times They Need a Changing

The Belknap County Republican Committee (BCRC) has been a home away from home for me for the last 9 years or so. I met the people I needed to know to make a successful run for office and began a lot of great relationships that I am very thankful for. Under Alan Glassman’s leadership we had a campaign office in downtown Laconia, a cruise on the Mount Washington that put any other night out with friends and confidants to shame.

Most importantly going to BCRC meetings introduced me to public service, organized conservatism and life in politics.

Belknap County has a longstanding tradition as the hub of conservative values in the state of New Hampshire. A tradition that I have worked very hard, and taken more flack than I deserved to keep intact, not just for me and people my age but for my daughter’s generation as well.

In my time working with the BCRC nobody but the occasional Democrat tracker was ever left out of the process, and that is something that I had taken pride in seeing as I have spent much of that time sitting at the door ensuring people signed in. That is, until recently, as for the last few months the BCRC has become unrecognizable to me and many others who frequent monthly meetings.

We used to be an open meeting for all Republicans, but now, you must be a general member in order to attend meetings. You have to show an unwavering allegiance to the powers that be, and if you don’t show them the proper attention they can use their local media to run you into the ground. We’ve seen this with so many people, including my friend the Honorable Representative Gregg Hough and local business owner and state delegate Gunstock Commissioner Doug Lambert. I am appalled by the actions of the BCRC in this witch hunt. We have to now endure show trials, kangaroo court proceedings presented in front of the limited membership to air grievances between certain members and the executive committee.

I mention limited membership, because I know more than a handful of people who have had their membership applications outstanding for months without any action. Why are we limiting our local engaged and registered Republicans from being involved in our organization?

I ask myself all the time, why is this going on?

Why are personal feelings, animosities, and grievances being aired out like laundry on a clothesline when there are avenues to address these issues behind closed doors in order to not embarrass, demean and dishonor our members and the group at large? To be clear, I don’t blame all members of the Executive Committee for the actions, the anger, the lackluster election performance and general counter productivity of one.

What I do know is this, change is so badly needed in the Belknap County Republican Committee leadership.

Long time and productive Republicans deserve to feel respected and wanted again.

People involved with the committee shouldn’t have to worry about being removed from the clique over their opinion on one issue or another, an issue which is something that I have been personally experiencing since August, and ever since the fateful decision to uphold my oath to my constituents and the businesses of Belknap County when I decided to give a damn about what was happening to the Gunstock Ski Resort. Respected members of the community in and outside of the political realm need to be given the time, opportunity and help to do what’s right for the county, and what’s right is anything that will keep Belknap County deeply and unapologetically conservative.

Representative Gregg Hough and myself

I have lived in a deep red city and county my entire life and I intend to do what I need to and support those who believe as I believe, and sadly that belief has fallen outside the purview of the powers that be currently. Fortunately, I believe that better days are on the horizon for the Belknap County Republican Committee.  Membership is going to grow with newcomers and returning members who haven’t been to meetings in months or even years. The time is now, to finally allow all of our Republican brethren a chance to join and give their efforts to our cause.

The BCRC will become the political superpower that it once was. I just ask that Belknap’s Republicans stand firm, stand resolute, and pray with me.


Rep. Richard Littlefield 
Longtime BCRC Member and Contributor

all photos by Ronnie AbbottRonnie Abbott is a local photographer and founder of FYP Media –


    • i agree that neither side is pure but when one side in this instance the norm side is going as far as refusing to allow republicans to become members there’s clearly an issue. Some of us just want to help our chosen political party in any way we can and instead we are being told to sit outside and wait like dogs …


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